More Camper Comments

Lauren- Hi mum! The obstacle course is really good fun but it’s really mucky!

Lara- Hi mum & dad! I’m loving it here at Lockerbie. The staff are so nice.

Aaron- Hi mum & dad.The camp’s going really well. The activities are so much fun.

Leon- Hi Huw and Fritz. My favourite activity so far is the obstacle course because I got REALLY muddy!

Charlotte- Hi Smokey! I’m caked in mud!

Aimee- Hi mum! My favourite activities have been high ropes and obstacles. It is too hot here!!!

Hayley- Hi family, some of the high ropes were hard but I managed to make it out alive!

Latisha- Hi Nana! So far it’s been amazing! I managed to do all the high ropes…..twice!

Sophie- Hi mum and dad, high ropes were the best! I hope you had a good birthday mum!

Camper comments

Jessica- Hi mum & dad. I went fencing, learned new skills so watch out!

Emma- I’ve enjoyed all the activities so far and the food is yummy!

Amalea- I liked the obstacle course. It was fun to get dirty and have a laugh.

Amy- Hi Granny. Super fun and amazing here!

Amber- Hi Granny. I’m really looking forward to high ropes.

Josh- Having great fun and getting as muddy as I can!

Daisy- I was voted the muddiest on the obstacle course!

Erin- Hi mum! Having fun….I’m a bit muddy!

Happy Campers!

What a lot we have packed into our first day! (Sorry I have had trouble loading pics onto website.) The children have had a brilliant time. The afternoon started with a tour of Manor Adventure and it didn’t take long for everybody to get their bearings. The staff here are wonderful and have been so helpful and organised.

The afternoon started with team games on the front grounds. The views here are stunning and we have been blessed with great weather.

After a large dinner, the class split into their teams for fencing or high ropes. Everybody enjoyed their evening activities and shared their experiences with the other group over a cup of hot chocolate.

The pods are cosy and comfortable. As a cooperative exercise, the children had to think of a team ‘pod’ name which are displayed with their own special drawings and designs. Next their task was to think of their own special greeting. It was a good laugh!

We have said goodnight to happy campers and lights out at 10pm. It’s an early start tomorrow morning…..breakfast menu looks good!


Activity Day 1- River Dipping

Leigh, our Outdoor Ranger, worked with each group on the River Dipping Activities. Pupils made amazing Nature Art using twigs as a frame. They¬†built boats out of twigs and leaves and tested them in¬†river races and explored the river wildlife. The children were surprised¬†at the number of fish and river creatures they managed to find! Leigh took lots of¬†photos…. so more to come later!