Scottish History comes to life at NMS

We visited the National Museum of Scotland on 26th January to find out more about Scottish History.
First we investigated the “Early People” halls, finding out about the stone carvings, Gods and stone age tools.
After that, we enjoyed taking part in a fabulous re-enactment of the second Jacobite rebellion.
To finish, we went to one of the upstairs classrooms to look at artefacts from the Highland Clearances.
A brilliant day, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
The Story of Bonnie Prince Charlie on PhotoPeach

P5/6/7 supports Children in Need

Thank you for your generous donations for ‘Children in Need’. The total amount raised by Elphinstone Primary for this very worthwhile cause is £100! ‘Be a Champion’ was the theme this year and the pupils’ champions and as you can see from P5/6/7 photos below, their costumes were varied and splendid! 

Spelling Bee Final

Aimee, Charlotte, Lauren and Emma were successful entrants in the cluster Spelling Bee held at Windygoul Primary. Professor King was invited to read out the spelling words to the contestants from all the primary schools in the cluster.


The whole class were there to support their classmates. The initial round was testing pupils on 20 words from the list of 100 words that they have been learning  at school.


These were very challenging spelling words!  The girls did very well and passed through the first round. Round 2 was a knock out round, so if anyone spelled a word wrong, they had to leave the platform. Well done Aimee, Charlotte, Lauren and Emma who all spelled many words correctly and lasted quite a while in this round. Mrs Thomson, Mrs Williams and Mrs Berry  (as well as their mums) were extremely proud of their achievements. 

IMG_6388 IMG_6389

The girls received special certificates from professor king. Well done to Connor from Macmerry, who won the spelling Bee title!


Afterwards Mrs Berry treated everyone to an ice-cream lolly! 

P6/7 WWII Museum

P6/7 WWII Learning Wall on PhotoPeach

P6/7 invited parents in on the last day of term to see our ‘Second World War’ Museum and to share our learning. Some groups performed the plays they had scripted and the children sang ‘Obey Your Air Raid Warden’. This has been a very enjoyable project and the pupils have enjoyed learning and talking about this important time in British history. 

IMG_6268 IMG_6267 IMG_6266 IMG_6265 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6261 IMG_6260

Planting for Care

IMG_6161 Over the years, ‘Mini Pots of Care’ activity has raised over £3.8million- that’s a lot of daffodil pots and enough money to  provide nursing care for terminally ill in their own homes. Thank you for your donations and for your support in our forthcoming Yellow Day.  Below is a gallery of pictures showing our decorated pots.