Rainforest Adventure at the Botanic Gardens

P5-7 had a fantastic time at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Our guide, Lizzie, showed us where to find some of the amazing plants, originating from the Rainforest, which we use for flavouring, food and clothing. We found out that you can get socks made out of Bamboo!
We also found out that Scotland’s own Silver Birch can be used to make products such as shoes, bags and a very delicious syrup – Yum!
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Kakatsitsi Master Drummers come to Elphinstone

To get us into the swing of things for a new school year, the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana came to teach us about their instruments and to sing along to one of their community fishing songs. Following this, they taught the class a very lively dance and gave them a workshop on how to use the drums to make different sounds.
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.








Musselburgh Lagoons

On Monday 7th September the class went to Musselburgh Lagoons to try out Canoeing and Kayaking!
Thanks to our amazing instructors, Anthony, Ed, Esther and Brian. We all had a brilliant time – some getting just a little bit wet in the process…
The weather couldn’t have been better. What a perfect afternoon to learn how to play safely on the water.

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Learning in the Wildflower Garden

We came back to school after the summer holidays to see that our Wildflower Garden had flourished. Don’t the flowers look beautiful!
We made quadrats in maths to investigate how the number of different species of plant compared with the size of quadrat.
The children made sketches of the plants, then used these to help them paint the different flowers using watercolours

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Activity Day 1- River Dipping

Leigh, our Outdoor Ranger, worked with each group on the River Dipping Activities. Pupils made amazing Nature Art using twigs as a frame. They built boats out of twigs and leaves and tested them in river races and explored the river wildlife. The children were surprised at the number of fish and river creatures they managed to find! Leigh took lots of photos…. so more to come later!

Activity Days 1st and 2nd June

The children from Saltoun, Humbie and Elphinstone were split into mixed groups for the planned activities: Canoeing, Problem Solving Games and River Dipping. The groups were named Adventurers, Explorers and Challengers. Despite the very windy weather, the children had a great day experiencing different challenges and getting to know people from other schools. At the end of the day Leigh, our Outdoor Ranger, asked pupils for their feedback with a show of fingers out of ten. In every activity, most of the children showed a ten out of ten to reflect their enjoyment . A successful day!