Outdoor Education Orienteering Festival

Around 600 P5-P7 pupils from Midlothian and East Lothian schools participated in an orienteering festival organised by Outdoor Education at Vogrie Country Park. Having spent a 6 week block last term learning orienteering, it was an excellent chance use the skills we learned in a large competition. 

P6 pupils were allowed to work in pairs and P7’s had to work individually on this timed challenge. I was extremely proud at how well the class did. Their results showed very quick times on completing the orienteering course. 

 Outdoor Education Orienteering Festival at Vogrie Park on PhotoPeach

The winner from another school completed the course in 11.54 mins, only 6 seconds ahead of our class winners. Well done Leon & Aaron  who came in overall 6th place with a fantastic time of 12:00 mins! Hayley & Jessica were close on their heels with a time of 12:01mins placing them 7th overall! The rest of the class timings were:

19th shared place Lara & Josh– 14.54 mins, 21st place Emma & Lauren-15.10mins, 48th place Daisy– 20.07 mins, 50th place Charlotte– 20.37mins, 107th place Latisha– 37.06 mins, 108th place Amalea– 37.58 mins, 109th place Sophie– 38.28 mins.
Considering that that were nearly 600 pupils taking part, I think these are excellent results! Despite the terrible weather, the children all had a great afternoon at Vogrie. 

Dog Trust Workshop

Rachel from ‘Dog Trust’ returned to Elphinstone to carry out follow up workshops with individual classes. These followed on from last week’s assembly. In the  P6/7 workshop Rachel talked about case studies of dogs and the type of care they received from ‘Dog Trust’. There were very sad stories of neglected dogs but it was good to hear of the positive outcomes when each dog was treated and returned to good health. They were then adopted by new owners.  The  discussions focussed on the five welfare needs of a dog. 

The Five Welfare Needs

A Good DietRight type of food to keep them fit

Somewhere Suitable to LiveRight type of environment

Protection from pain, injury and diseasePrevention and rapid treatment

The need to express normal behaviourEnough space, facilities and opportunities

The need for companionshipTo be housed with, or away from, other animals

The Dog Trust can receive lots of applications to adopt a dog. Each application is looked at carefully so that suitable homes can be found for every dog. The class were given information cards about different dogs at the Dog Trust, and several applications from interested people who wanted to adopt a dog. In groups the pupils worked together to discuss the welfare needs of each dog before making the important decision on the best and most suitable matches. The children completed this task very well.



P3/4/5 enjoy our board games

P3/4/5 pupils enjoyed a visit to our classroom to play the WWII board games. Everybody had time to play a couple of games they wanted to play. There was much laughter and excitement as people competed with each other to win. Comments on the different games were very positive and the buzz in the classroom clearly indicated that everybody was enjoying themselves. 

IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6333 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6336

Peer Assessment of WWII Research Booklets

Everybody has completed their WWII research tasks. They make interesting reading! The class worked in pairs to read and assess two project booklets. Using the peer assessment sheet, they discussed and wrote comments on how well the person had achieved each of the success criteria. The focus was on factual content and presentation and the assessments included the traffic lighting (green, amber, red) to indicate the progress in achieving targets.

IMG_5757 IMG_5754 IMG_5758 IMG_5755 IMG_5752 IMG_5750 IMG_5753  IMG_5750  Pupils took the peer assessment seriously and gave good and honest feedback on the topic books that they read. 

On the Move with Outdoor Ed!

The Outdoor groups swapped over after the February break for the next six weeks of Outdoor Education: Mountain Biking and Orienteering. The children have kept weekly logs of their adventures and at the end of their 6 week block, we held a ‘Circle Time’ to share their experiences and to swap ‘Top Tips’. It was good to hear that several of the biking group had been cycling over the holiday! The children also had the opportunity to read each other’s jotters, ask questions and discuss what happens with each group’s activities. 

 On the move! Week 2 on PhotoPeach

Smokefree Leaflet

Laura from Fast Forward visited us earlier in the year (see January post) and left us a challenge to design Smokefree leaflets  to inform parents about the dangers of second hand smoke. The children took this task very seriously and have produced fantastic leaflets. Some chose to design their leaflets on the computer and others preferred to handwrite and draw their own designs. The results are impressive and can be seen on the Photopeach slideshow, and in school on our P6/7 Smokefree display.

Smokefree Leaflets on PhotoPeach

Laura chose a winning leaflet (Well done Lauren Fraser!) which has been printed and sent to every Elphinstone parent, together with an NHS leaflet asking them to sign a pledge not to smoke in front of children. Thank you to the many parents who have signed the pledge!



SSPCA visit

Scottish SPCA animal rescue and rehoming centres across Scotland care for thousands of abandoned, hurt and defenceless animals every year. Amelia visited our class to tell us about the work she does and showed us some of the equipment she might use. She explained the situations when the SSPCA would use these. 

DSCF5077 DSCF5078

We enjoyed playing the True False board game and learned many more interesting animal facts!

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