Spaghetti Tower Challenge

It was the first day back after the Christmas holidays so a fun challenge was the order of the day.
A packet of marshmallows and a handful of spaghetti was all that was required to build resilience through great communication and teamwork. Four fantastic designs entered the competition for tallest tower and the one that could bear the heaviest load. Congratulations to all teams for working together to make the first day back so much fun!

Learning in the Wildflower Garden

We came back to school after the summer holidays to see that our Wildflower Garden had flourished. Don’t the flowers look beautiful!
We made quadrats in maths to investigate how the number of different species of plant compared with the size of quadrat.
The children made sketches of the plants, then used these to help them paint the different flowers using watercolours

Wildflower Garden on PhotoPeach

Active Angles!

Learning Outcomes:  I have investigated angles in the environment, and can discuss, describe and classify angles using appropriate mathematical vocabulary. 

I can accurately measure and draw angles using appropriate equipment, applying my skills to problems in context.

  Active Angles! on PhotoPeach

The challenge: To work in cooperative home teams on ‘Active Angles’ task.

1) Place strips of coloured PVC tape across your desk in different directions.

2)Discuss the different types angles you have created: acute, obtuse, straight, reflex angles.

3) Estimate and measure the angles. Write your measurements with whiteboard pens on the table. 

4) Work with your home team to produce a report on your findings. This can be a diagram, chart, leaflet, booklet or poster.

5) Use the learning mats to reflect on your learning.


Storyline: The Magic of Markets

Learning Intention: To give pupils an opportunity to participate in a trading activity. To explore why people trade.

This lesson involved pupils in a trading simulation designed to illustrate a complex marketplace in which goods and services are traded. pupils used this experience to investigate the conditions that encourage or discourage trade among individuals.


The Magic of Markets! on PhotoPeach

Building a Giant Tetrahedron

We had a visit from Sharon Edgar, a construction engineering  careers advisor. She talked about the engineering work required to build the new bridge across the Forth and we learned about the various jobs and skills involved in its construction.

We took on an engineering challenge to build a giant tetrahedron in less than 2 hours. At first we learned how to use the wooden dowling and elastic bands to build individual triangular pyramids. Next we worked together with our hometeam members using our pyramids to create a bigger structure. 

  Building a Giant Tetrahedron on PhotoPeach

Over the afternoon we learned lots of skills: problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, organisation, management and leadership. These skills are all used in the engineering industry.