Scottish Parliament

P6/7 thought it would be a good idea to take a train to Waverley station to get us to the Scottish Parliament in time for a very informative workshop about the history of the Parliament, led by Isabel. She then took us for a tour of the building, then to meet our local MSP, Iain Gray, who was able to answer all our questions. We ventured outside for lunch, after which we found the answers to a quiz about the structure of the Parliament building, then back through security for a brief spell in the chamber. Thanks to all the staff and MSPs at the Parliament for being so friendly and helpful and also to Dawn, Ben’s mum, who helped us throughout the day.

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Edinburgh Castle – National War Museum

On Monday 14th November, we went to the National War Museum at Edinburgh Castle to find out more about how WW2 affected the lives of people living in Scotland. As part of our “Wartime Life Experience” workshop, we learnt about the real-life experiences of Scottish evacuees, prisoners of war, sailors and those left at home and were able to examine letters, photographs and uniforms. We were also able to see how the homes would have been furnished and what would have been used in the kitchen.
Our visit to the Castle coincided with a visit being made by some important guests to commemorate Remembrance Day and we were extremely lucky to witness a 21-Gun Salute.

Rainforest Adventure at the Botanic Gardens

P5-7 had a fantastic time at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Our guide, Lizzie, showed us where to find some of the amazing plants, originating from the Rainforest, which we use for flavouring, food and clothing. We found out that you can get socks made out of Bamboo!
We also found out that Scotland’s own Silver Birch can be used to make products such as shoes, bags and a very delicious syrup – Yum!
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Musselburgh Lagoons

On Monday 7th September the class went to Musselburgh Lagoons to try out Canoeing and Kayaking!
Thanks to our amazing instructors, Anthony, Ed, Esther and Brian. We all had a brilliant time – some getting just a little bit wet in the process…
The weather couldn’t have been better. What a perfect afternoon to learn how to play safely on the water.

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Learning in the Wildflower Garden

We came back to school after the summer holidays to see that our Wildflower Garden had flourished. Don’t the flowers look beautiful!
We made quadrats in maths to investigate how the number of different species of plant compared with the size of quadrat.
The children made sketches of the plants, then used these to help them paint the different flowers using watercolours

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The best thing about camp is…

The best thing about Lockerbie Manor adventure is…..

Jessica- All the activities and the pod village.

Erin- The food, the instructors and high ropes because I found high ropes really fun even although I was scared of heights!

Emma- My favourite thing was the activities because I learned a lot and had fun.

Lara- The food is amazing! The staff were lovely and helpful.

Charlotte- The thrilling activities. The food is lovely as well.

Sophie- The food! I loved abseiling because it was great fun!

Lauren- My favourite was the high ropes because the instructors were really good and supportive even although I was afraid of heights.

Amber- Making new friends. I really enjoyed it all.

Amy- Getting to know different people. The only bad thing is that the time went too fast.

Hayley- Everything! I was proud of myself on the high ropes.

Leon- I loved the food and the activities. I was good at all the high stuff.

Josh- The food! The staff were really nice and the activities were really fun to do.

Amalea- Meeting new friends and the high ropes. I was scared at first but I got to the end!

Daisy- All the activities. The obstacle course was the best because it was the muddiest.

Latisha- Everything! My favourite thing was the high ropes. The pod was really good.

Aaron- I liked it all. I liked running around and all the activities because a lot of them I’d not done before.

Aimee- The activities and the staff are all lovely!