Last activities over and more experiences to tell you when kids come home. They have loved it!

Lunch over and children now chilling on grass or having last run around in the enormous grounds while we wait for bus to arrive. Will let you know when we’re on our way.

See you soon! Expect tired  but happy children and loads of washing!


The best thing about camp is…

The best thing about Lockerbie Manor adventure is…..

Jessica- All the activities and the pod village.

Erin- The food, the instructors and high ropes because I found high ropes really fun even although I was scared of heights!

Emma- My favourite thing was the activities because I learned a lot and had fun.

Lara- The food is amazing! The staff were lovely and helpful.

Charlotte- The thrilling activities. The food is lovely as well.

Sophie- The food! I loved abseiling because it was great fun!

Lauren- My favourite was the high ropes because the instructors were really good and supportive even although I was afraid of heights.

Amber- Making new friends. I really enjoyed it all.

Amy- Getting to know different people. The only bad thing is that the time went too fast.

Hayley- Everything! I was proud of myself on the high ropes.

Leon- I loved the food and the activities. I was good at all the high stuff.

Josh- The food! The staff were really nice and the activities were really fun to do.

Amalea- Meeting new friends and the high ropes. I was scared at first but I got to the end!

Daisy- All the activities. The obstacle course was the best because it was the muddiest.

Latisha- Everything! My favourite thing was the high ropes. The pod was really good.

Aaron- I liked it all. I liked running around and all the activities because a lot of them I’d not done before.

Aimee- The activities and the staff are all lovely!

Rise and shine campers!

We were so lucky yesterday with the hot weather. Today a bit drizzly but it hasn’t dampened our spirits. Having such a good time, we don’t want it to end.

After such an active day children were really exhausted and so after lights out at 10:15pm the camp fell silent. Zonked!

This morning’s breakfast disappeared quickly! Many positive comments from the pupils on the great food which is always served with a cheery smile by camp staff.

Today’s last activities are wall climb and zip wire. Then lunch and home!

Terrific Thursday!

It was a very busy  full on, action-packed day with many more challenging and fun activities. Fencing, blind trail, high ropes, abseiling and team games are just a few. Parents and carers, you will be as proud as Mrs Berry and I when you hear of the children’s incredible achievements! Many conquered their fears in jaw- dropping, astounding and daring tasks. Totally fearless! Great fun to do and watch.

Many of the activities required the children to work together in teams to successfully  complete a task. Everyone managed  so well in their activity groups to support and cheer each other on.

Well done Elphinstone P6/7 for your fantastic manners and behaviour throughout this camp trip. You’ve been brilliant!

The camp staff have been superb with the children. Their good humour and boundless enthusiasm really shone through and helped make these days so positive, and the activities very entertaining! We can’t praise them enough.

More pupil comments to follow.


Posting information

Hello parents! Just to let you know that only one of us can access website. Internet connection is intermittent and causing problems. Mrs Berry and I are split between groups and only one camera working now. Posting where and when we can. Sorry for wee errors. Not easy to see what I type in bright light! Wonderful weather here! Thanks for your patience…we’re doing our best!

More Camper Comments

Lauren- Hi mum! The obstacle course is really good fun but it’s really mucky!

Lara- Hi mum & dad! I’m loving it here at Lockerbie. The staff are so nice.

Aaron- Hi mum & dad.The camp’s going really well. The activities are so much fun.

Leon- Hi Huw and Fritz. My favourite activity so far is the obstacle course because I got REALLY muddy!

Charlotte- Hi Smokey! I’m caked in mud!

Aimee- Hi mum! My favourite activities have been high ropes and obstacles. It is too hot here!!!

Hayley- Hi family, some of the high ropes were hard but I managed to make it out alive!

Latisha- Hi Nana! So far it’s been amazing! I managed to do all the high ropes…..twice!

Sophie- Hi mum and dad, high ropes were the best! I hope you had a good birthday mum!

Camper comments

Jessica- Hi mum & dad. I went fencing, learned new skills so watch out!

Emma- I’ve enjoyed all the activities so far and the food is yummy!

Amalea- I liked the obstacle course. It was fun to get dirty and have a laugh.

Amy- Hi Granny. Super fun and amazing here!

Amber- Hi Granny. I’m really looking forward to high ropes.

Josh- Having great fun and getting as muddy as I can!

Daisy- I was voted the muddiest on the obstacle course!

Erin- Hi mum! Having fun….I’m a bit muddy!