Scottish Parliament

P6/7 thought it would be a good idea to take a train to Waverley station to get us to the Scottish Parliament in time for a very informative workshop about the history of the Parliament, led by Isabel. She then took us for a tour of the building, then to meet our local MSP, Iain Gray, who was able to answer all our questions. We ventured outside for lunch, after which we found the answers to a quiz about the structure of the Parliament building, then back through security for a brief spell in the chamber. Thanks to all the staff and MSPs at the Parliament for being so friendly and helpful and also to Dawn, Ben’s mum, who helped us throughout the day.

Scottish Parliament on PhotoPeach

Edinburgh Castle – National War Museum

On Monday 14th November, we went to the National War Museum at Edinburgh Castle to find out more about how WW2 affected the lives of people living in Scotland. As part of our “Wartime Life Experience” workshop, we learnt about the real-life experiences of Scottish evacuees, prisoners of war, sailors and those left at home and were able to examine letters, photographs and uniforms. We were also able to see how the homes would have been furnished and what would have been used in the kitchen.
Our visit to the Castle coincided with a visit being made by some important guests to commemorate Remembrance Day and we were extremely lucky to witness a 21-Gun Salute.

Carberry Care Home Remembrance Day Visit

In Music, P6/7 learnt songs that would have been sung during WW2 and visited Carberry Care Home for a Remembrance Day celebration to share their learning with the residents. Everyone had a wonderful time, singing along to “White Cliffs of Dover”, “The Quartermaster’s Stores” and “Pack up your Troubles” amongst others.
Thanks to the residents for sharing their memories of WW2 and for the wonderful WW2 inspired afternoon tea.

Carberry Care Home WW2 Visit on PhotoPeach

Activity Day 1- River Dipping

Leigh, our Outdoor Ranger, worked with each group on the River Dipping Activities. Pupils made amazing Nature Art using twigs as a frame. They built boats out of twigs and leaves and tested them in river races and explored the river wildlife. The children were surprised at the number of fish and river creatures they managed to find! Leigh took lots of photos…. so more to come later!

Activity Days 1st and 2nd June

The children from Saltoun, Humbie and Elphinstone were split into mixed groups for the planned activities: Canoeing, Problem Solving Games and River Dipping. The groups were named Adventurers, Explorers and Challengers. Despite the very windy weather, the children had a great day experiencing different challenges and getting to know people from other schools. At the end of the day Leigh, our Outdoor Ranger, asked pupils for their feedback with a show of fingers out of ten. In every activity, most of the children showed a ten out of ten to reflect their enjoyment . A successful day!