Rainforest Adventure at the Botanic Gardens

P5-7 had a fantastic time at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Our guide, Lizzie, showed us where to find some of the amazing plants, originating from the Rainforest, which we use for flavouring, food and clothing. We found out that you can get socks made out of Bamboo!
We also found out that Scotland’s own Silver Birch can be used to make products such as shoes, bags and a very delicious syrup – Yum!
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‘Quake, Rattle and Roll’… a visit to Dynamic Earth



This week P6/7 enjoyed a great trip to Dynamic Earth. This attraction is closed on Mondays so we had the whole place to ourselves! We started with the Showdome which is a 360 degree film experience on ‘Super Volcanoes’. Amazing! 

Everybody enjoyed the workshop, ‘Quake, Rattle and Roll’ where they learned the science behind hurricanes, volcanoes and tsunamis via interactive investigations. Making a tornado in a bottle was very popular! 


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Building a Giant Tetrahedron

We had a visit from Sharon Edgar, a construction engineering  careers advisor. She talked about the engineering work required to build the new bridge across the Forth and we learned about the various jobs and skills involved in its construction.

We took on an engineering challenge to build a giant tetrahedron in less than 2 hours. At first we learned how to use the wooden dowling and elastic bands to build individual triangular pyramids. Next we worked together with our hometeam members using our pyramids to create a bigger structure. 

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Over the afternoon we learned lots of skills: problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, organisation, management and leadership. These skills are all used in the engineering industry. 

Making Volcanoes

This was a cooperative learning activity. We worked with our home-teams to make a volcano using a plastic drinking bottle, tin foil and play dough. We painted it and added foliage to make it look more realistic.

We created a simulation of an erupting volcano using baking powder, red food colouring, washing up liquid and vinegar. The rest of the school came to watch the eruptions.

 Volcanic Eruptions! on PhotoPeach

Why did this happen?

The red lava is the result of a chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar. In this reaction carbon dioxide gas is produced and pressure builds up inside the plastic bottle until the gas bubbles out of the volcano. This is a good representation of what happens in real volcanoes.