Sharing our planning formats

We have been discussing the importance of planning, and looked at possible ways to plan our research WWII topic. Today we shared our planning; first within our home-teams and then with other members of the class. 

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Some had made lists, others had chosen to plan using mind maps. Everybody chose a format that they felt helped them most to work on their research task. The pupils benefited from looking at others’ planning sheets and also hearing how people had been progressing through their topic

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Visit from Museum of Flight

We had a very interesting visit from Sylvia and Alex from the Museum of Flight, who told us about East Lothian RAF pilots during the Second World War. East Fortune airfield played a very important role in protecting the East Coast and ports along the River Forth from German bombers. The children were able to try on various pilot outfits and uniforms and to learn more about the equipment they used. Pupils are encouraged to visit The Museum of Flight to see the WWII aircraft and to find out more about the stories and facts from the war.
Visit from Museum of Flight – P6/7 join the WWII Airforce on PhotoPeach

Weans wi big lugs tak it a’ in!

Challenge: To match the common Scots words and phrases with the correct English meanings.

The children together in competition against other teams and against the clock to complete this challenge. Some of the words were familiar and others could be worked out, but some of the Scottish phrases were quite tricky! 

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World War Stories and Memorabilia

The class have been finding out from grandparents and great grandparents wonderful stories about experiences during the two World Wars. A few have brought in personal photographs, documents and memorabilia for us to look at and discuss.  IMG_5077 Jessica showed us a booklet with information on her ancestors who had fought in the wars and what had happened to them. There were interesting records with details on when the soldiers had enlisted, the regiments they belonged to and the countries they were sent to. 

IMG_5075 IMG_5076 Aimee brought in an amazing collection of WWI and WWII medals and documents and told us all she had learned from her gran about these wonderful artefacts. The medals were exactly the same as the ones photographed in Jessica’s family history booklet! The medals from WWI were 100 years old and showed King George V. The WWII medals showed King George VI. 

IMG_5112 IMG_5113 IMG_5114  Hayley brought in cutlery that was issued to soldiers in WWII. She demonstrated how the fork and spoon folded up small enough to be kept in a small container in a soldier’s kitbag. 

IMG_5121IMG_5122 Leon showed us several old family photos and told us stories about his Italian family relatives. One was a Prisoner of War. The class enjoyed looking at and discussing the photos. Leon explained about the bombs that fell and had photos to show the damage done. The bombs destroyed the family home and a church in the village. All that remained was a religious statue. IMG_5123 Latisha’s family members were sent to a special home for children who were orphaned during the War. Many children from the slums of cities were able to enjoy the beautiful and healthy surroundings of this village home where they were well looked after.  IMG_5124 IMG_5125  Erin visited her grandparents to find out about their memories of the Second World War. They had kept an enormous amount of memorabilia, and Erin chose to bring in a small box from her Gran and Grandpa’s very large cupboard! Erin showed us a wonderful collection of letter, postcards that were sent during the war. They were very special and personal. She had ration books, identity cards, soldiers’ documents. She kept old money (pennies and sixpences)  and a large collection of medals belonging to her great great grandfather together with photos. There were also photos of her great great grandmother’s wedding, wearing a typical 1940’s skirt, jacket and hat. It was a fascinating collection and the class took a long time to look through the whole collection.  Thank you to parents and grandparents for allowing the children to bring in the memorabilia. It has been incredibly interesting hearing all the personal stories.

Storyline: The Magic of Markets

Learning Intention: To give pupils an opportunity to participate in a trading activity. To explore why people trade.

This lesson involved pupils in a trading simulation designed to illustrate a complex marketplace in which goods and services are traded. pupils used this experience to investigate the conditions that encourage or discourage trade among individuals.


The Magic of Markets! on PhotoPeach

‘Quake, Rattle and Roll’… a visit to Dynamic Earth



This week P6/7 enjoyed a great trip to Dynamic Earth. This attraction is closed on Mondays so we had the whole place to ourselves! We started with the Showdome which is a 360 degree film experience on ‘Super Volcanoes’. Amazing! 

Everybody enjoyed the workshop, ‘Quake, Rattle and Roll’ where they learned the science behind hurricanes, volcanoes and tsunamis via interactive investigations. Making a tornado in a bottle was very popular! 


Dynamic Earth- Quake Rattle and Roll on PhotoPeach