Energy Debate

After investigating the advantages and disadvantages of energy sources, pupils prepared their arguments for a debate. Each group made a poster which, alongside Google slides, provided the medium for presenting to the P3/4 class. Following the presentations, a vote was taken which resulted Solar and Hydroelectric energy sources being voted first equal. Well done to all of you for the huge amount of work you put into your research and your professional presentations.

Spaghetti Tower Challenge

It was the first day back after the Christmas holidays so a fun challenge was the order of the day.
A packet of marshmallows and a handful of spaghetti was all that was required to build resilience through great communication and teamwork. Four fantastic designs entered the competition for tallest tower and the one that could bear the heaviest load. Congratulations to all teams for working together to make the first day back so much fun!

Rainforest Adventure at the Botanic Gardens

P5-7 had a fantastic time at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Our guide, Lizzie, showed us where to find some of the amazing plants, originating from the Rainforest, which we use for flavouring, food and clothing. We found out that you can get socks made out of Bamboo!
We also found out that Scotland’s own Silver Birch can be used to make products such as shoes, bags and a very delicious syrup – Yum!
Rainforest Adventure at the Botanic Gardens on PhotoPeach

Smokefree Leaflet

Laura from Fast Forward visited us earlier in the year (see January post) and left us a challenge to design Smokefree leaflets  to inform parents about the dangers of second hand smoke. The children took this task very seriously and have produced fantastic leaflets. Some chose to design their leaflets on the computer and others preferred to handwrite and draw their own designs. The results are impressive and can be seen on the Photopeach slideshow, and in school on our P6/7 Smokefree display.

Smokefree Leaflets on PhotoPeach

Laura chose a winning leaflet (Well done Lauren Fraser!) which has been printed and sent to every Elphinstone parent, together with an NHS leaflet asking them to sign a pledge not to smoke in front of children. Thank you to the many parents who have signed the pledge!



Storyline: The Magic of Markets

Learning Intention: To give pupils an opportunity to participate in a trading activity. To explore why people trade.

This lesson involved pupils in a trading simulation designed to illustrate a complex marketplace in which goods and services are traded. pupils used this experience to investigate the conditions that encourage or discourage trade among individuals.


The Magic of Markets! on PhotoPeach

Working to Wonka’s Design Brief

The class worked to a design brief set by Willy Wonka-                                      “Design a new chocolate bar for 2014 with a brand new ingredient”.  The challenge: To produce packaging design looking at shape, colour, lettering, branding with a final 3D prototype. To research confectionary designs from the past and present for inspiration. 

 035 034 033 032 031 030 029 028 027 026 025 024

Creating Interactive Lapbooks

Lapbooks are types of interactive puzzle. The class read instructions on how to make a variety of lapbooks, and they had to research information on natural disasters to answer and solve the lapbook puzzles. This activity reinforced what they had learned in their lessons and activities on their topic. The next task was to create their own lapbooks to challenge their peers on natural disaster facts. The results were impressive! 

Creating Interactive Lapbooks on PhotoPeach