Energy Debate

After investigating the advantages and disadvantages of energy sources, pupils prepared their arguments for a debate. Each group made a poster which, alongside Google slides, provided the medium for presenting to the P3/4 class. Following the presentations, a vote was taken which resulted Solar and Hydroelectric energy sources being voted first equal. Well done to all of you for the huge amount of work you put into your research and your professional presentations.

Rise and shine campers!

We were so lucky yesterday with the hot weather. Today a bit drizzly but it hasn’t dampened our spirits. Having such a good time, we don’t want it to end.

After such an active day children were really exhausted and so after lights out at 10:15pm the camp fell silent. Zonked!

This morning’s breakfast disappeared quickly! Many positive comments from the pupils on the great food which is always served with a cheery smile by camp staff.

Today’s last activities are wall climb and zip wire. Then lunch and home!

Welcome to P6/7 blog …Session 2014-15!

Thank you for the very warm welcome to Elphinstone Primary. The pupils have settled in well to the new term and in the last few weeks we have been getting to know to each other and the classroom routines. It will be a busy year with many new experiences and challenges for us to look forward to. We will be regularly sharing our learning on our blog and welcome your comments.

As this class has been made up from two primary stages it is important at this early stage of the term that the children get to know and feel comfortable with each other. There will be plenty opportunities for the children to mix and work together in different groups and with various learning partners. Already new friendships are forming. Throughout the session, as part of Cooperative Learning, pupils will be learning and focussing on Social as well as academic skills.  


Rugby festival

We won 2 rugby games at ross high playing fields. All of p5,6,7 enjoyed it

Our Japanese food banquet


This week we  tried lots of Japanese food. We made rice balls from scratch.