Christmas Lanterns at Tranent Primary School

Jenna in 6A describes below what was involved in the making of the festive lanterns: 

Last term Primary 6A made a Christmas lantern with Miss Maule and Mrs Herriot.  We had to get two trays and pick the materials, acetate, polystyrene, soaked willow and an electrical circuit.  We designed a picture then we put our pictures under the acetate and we went over it with black, gold and silver lead, we then waited till the lead dried and then we painted the pictures with glass paints.We started cutting the soaked willow to make it 15 cms and 22 cms.  We used a glue gun to put our lanterns together.

After we glued the lanterns together and they had dried, we glued the polystyrene on and got them painted by the janitor, Mr Mercer.  When they dried we stuck the battery on with the glue gun and we put the switch on with masking tape.  Then we stuck the acetate on, they looked very eye catching.  We put them on display in the Project Area so that our parents could see them when they came along to see us perform at our Fischy Musical Evening.

Lisa Martin – Enterprise Coordinator