Cockenzie’s Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Pupils in P5D have built a green house in the quiet garden and they hope that by they will have grown some food that can be eaten by pupils in the school.   The children organised the collection of the 2000 bottles needed to build the greenhouse.  They worked in groups with parents and Richard , from  Sustainable Communities, who knew exactly how to help them build the greenhouse.  Some of the bottles were decorated and the finished article looks great.   The children were also involved in monitoring the wastage from school dinners.  They used empty fruit shot bottles to edge one of the gardens in the quiet garden.  They organised the collection of plastic sandwich cartons and pointed out how much fruit was being wasted by the boys and girls in the dining room. 

5 thoughts on “Cockenzie’s Plastic Bottle Greenhouse”

  1. Nice to hear that Cockenzie Primary pupils are trying to make their school a more Eco-Friendly place to learn. Law Primary have an Eco-Committee and are trying to make a difference too. At the moment p5 are responsible for composting and paper recycling which is going very well. We will use the compost in our Sensory Garden when it has decomposed a little bit more. Have a look at our website for more information. Hope everyone is well at Cockenzie!!!

  2. Hello Law Primary, how nice to hear from you Miss Beaton. Our greenhouse took a bit of a beating not long after it was built but the pupils in P5D were determined to make it as good as new and did all the repairs themselves. Miss Daly, their teacher was so proud of them. Good luck with the composting. we’ll check your website for more information. We have an eco-committee too and we are working towards our green flag.

  3. miss beaton!!!

    hello miss beaton
    its lauren Edmond remember me i was in your maths class in p5 @ cockenzie

    are u comming to the p7’s leaving concert?

    the greenhouse is looking good just 2 say

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