Enterprise at Law Primary School

P6 Pupils are working with the Seabird Centre in North Berwick on a Junior Tour Guide Scheme.   The pupils have been trained to take visiting schools round the centre following a script in role as birdwatchers.  As part of their training they have visited Linlithgow Palace to see Junior Tour Guides in action and are attending drama sessions with Karen McKenzie from Illuminate.P6 pupils have also been experiencing Reciprocal Reading.   In groups the children decide what subject they would like to read about.   The class then read and discuss the text using the reciprocal reading method.  The next stage is for the group to find their own text that they think will interest their peers which must meet certain criteria eg  contains some new vocabulary and encourages them to “think outside the box” .  Through this approach the children are able to have control over their learning.

P5 have been working on paper and card recycling as well as composting.  Pupils wrote to the local Rotary Club to ask if they would be interested in contributing towards the cost of new compost bins for each class.  They then contacted Changeworks to order the bins.  P5 are going to take part in a card recycling workshop which will contribute towards the Eco-Schools award.

Pupils have resourced and put together “listening boxes” which can be borrowed from the school library.   Each box contains a CD player,  a junction box,  6 headphones and a mains adaptor.  There is a collection of books on CD for pupils to choose from.

P2 pupils approached their Toys topic in an enteprising way.  The children planned the topic and decided on the learning outcomes.  The layout of the classroom was changed to accommodate a shop “Toys ‘R’Law”,  a factory,  an office and a design department.  The class invited their parents to an open morning when they sold the toys they had made.  The children were excited,  inspired and successful…..the teacher was exhausted!!

Valerie Duncan – Enterprise Coordinator