Enterprising Levenhall Nursery School

At Levenhall Nursery School we are half way through our Dental Health Week. Carol Golightly (Oral Health Promoter) has visited the nursery to talk and tell stories about toothbrushing and looking after your teeth; she has given out toothbrushes,leaflets and other resources; and has advised parents about diet and good dental hygiene. Throughout the week the children have helped to prepare a variety of Good Dental Health Food for snack including lots of vegetables and fruit. As usual we visited our local fruit and veg market run by Roots and Fruits in the Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre to buy our supplies. Roots and Fruits also kindly donated 3 pieces of fruit for each child as part of this promotion. We have also introduced the Scottish Executive’ s Toothbrushing Initiative in nursery this week and every child now has their own toothbrush to brush their teeth every day during their nursery session.

As well as all of this we are celebrating Rabbie Burns’ Birthday with a Burns’ Supper! We will also be singing traditional songs and having a wee bit of a Ceilidh.

Looking ahead, the school is 30 years old this year. We are already gathering ideas from the parents and, of course, we will ask the children how they would like to celebrate this occasion!!

Ann Burton – Principal Teacher and Enterprise Coordinator