North Berwick Cluster get Enterprising

Last Thursday saw the annual enterprise transition event held at North Berwick High School.  This is the first of a number of events aimed at easing the transition process.  The main focus of the day is on enterprise and getting the children to work collaboratively in mixed teams from across the cluster.

The task was to design and make a set of picture frames which contained some original art work.  These were to be sellable and therefore marketed by each of the groups.  Attached to each group was a fourth year student who acted as a facilitator and was able to ofer support and advice to the children.  The support from these students was phenomenal and they really got involved in the task.

The children spent the first part of the morning designing their frames and allocating the various roles within the group.  They then got involved in making their frames and buying the products they needed using their vouchers from the shop.  A great deal of bargaining was done at this time.  Whilst they were making their products, the groups also had to be thinking about their presentations to the judges this afternoon.

The jugdes looked at the following criteria and were impressed with the standard of the groups.

  • Best Product
  • Best Stand
  • Best Presentation

The day itself was a huge success and the children themselves were able to establish a number of friendships at the same time as developing their enterprising skills.


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