HMIe Visit

It has been a very exciting day here at Ross High with a visit from Brian Stewart of HMIe.  Brian was in school to look at Enterprise approaches across the school.  He was involved in observing in classes, meeting with pupils and meeting with members of staff.


Brian was very impressed with what he saw at Ross High today and highlighted a number of things that I wanted to share with you all.  He was very impressed with the progress we were making with embedding enterprise within the curriculum and mentioned that we were a lot further down this road than many other schools.  Brian thought the good practice lunch was brilliant and is keen to share this activity with his colleagues.  He said the students were very positive about learning and teaching and that it was clear that enterprising approaches were taking place across the curriculum.  Pupils were also positive about the projects they had undertaken, especially the LEAPs Art project and Determined to Broadcast.  Brian was very interested in the S5/6 PSE programme, so much so that he wants to visit again!


Brian was also very impressed with the lessons that he observed and described them using the following words: really good, absolutely super, state of the art, slick, quality lesson.


We are all now really pleased with the feedback from this visit and will continue our efforts to embed enterprise through our learning and teaching approaches.

Rhona Shuttleworth Acting DHT Ross High School

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  1. Hi Rhona, sounds great! What is a good practice lunch? Sounds intriguing. I’d also like to find out more about Determined to Broadcast.

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