Yester Jewellery Ltd

The children in P4 formed a new jewellery company.  Jo Lochhead, our business partner from the Bead Shop in Haddington, came in to school and showed the children all kinds of exciting beads and things they could make.  She helped the pupils to design some pieces of jewellery and then organised the materials the children chose.  Then the class went to her shop in groups and busied themselves in the Jo’s workshop.  Rings, necklaces and bracelets rolled off the production line.

Back in school the children calculated the mark-up they wanted for each piece of jewellery, working out the cost of material and their own time.  They then priced the products and sent out letters to parents and put up advertising materials round the school.  They planned two sales, one for pupils and one for parents; however the first sale was so successful, the children’s shop completely sold out at the first opening.  The company made £146 profit.  The class decided to give £100 of this to Save the Children, with the remaining £46 being spent on new games and activities for ‘Golden Time’.