Enterprising Ormiston – Primary 7 Film Making

There are many enterprising approaches to teaching and learning taking place at Ormiston Primary School. Our Primary 7 class are currently involved in a Film Making Project with Marjorie Sweeney, a Drama Specialist based at the Brunton Theatre, Brian English, a Film Director and their teacher Jenny Walker.


They began by looking at films on the big screen and viewed the film made by Pencaitland Primary two years ago. They then worked in groups learning how to use the cameras before designing posters to decide on a name and tag line for the film. Their film, “Stage Fright” has the Tag Line, “Help Does Not Always Come From The Living”. Much discussion took place before votes were made and the plot for the film was developed. The film is based around the main character Ashleigh (played by Darren Murphy). Ashleigh is being bullied because he enjoys singing and in fact is very good at it. All the ideas have come from the children and they wrote the film themselves.


The children had to apply for different roles within the film making. These roles were divided into Pre-Production (Director, Assistant Director, Script Writers, Story Board Artists, Costume, Make Up and Set Designers, Accountants and Sponsorship, Publicity and Marketing), Production (Actors, Actresses, Lighting, Camera Crew, Runners, Sound Directors and Shot Loggers) and Post Production (Community Link Director, Premier Organiser, Music Director, Editing and Photographer). All children are currently busy filming both in the school grounds and within the community of Ormiston.


In order to raise money for the Film Premier the Accountants have come up with many innovative fund raising events. The children are taking part in a sponsored walk, making crafts to sell at the school Spring Fair and are organising a French Café.


The children are hoping to raise enough money to travel in style to their Film Premier at the Film House in Edinburgh on the 6th May