Musselburgh Cluster working together

Pupils and staff in all the Musselburgh schools have been very busy this session so far, being involved in a wide range of enterprise activities and experiences. We hope that you enjoy reading about what has been going on and sharing in the ideas coming from the schools.

On 22 February all the P7 pupils in the Cluster took part in an enterprise transition event at Musselburgh Grammar School, organised by the school co-ordinators and a group of P7 pupils representing each school. This was a most enjoyable event which was evaluated very positively by the pupils, who enjoyed the experience of making new friends and being in the “big” school – not to mention the activities they worked on at the event.

The School Co-ordinators in the Musselburgh Cluster have been meeting regularly this session and have held their meetings in  a different school each time. Part of the meeting time has been given over to the adults being given a tour of the school by some pupils. This has been very useful in sharing ideas and practice and has been most enjoyable. We would recommend this to other Clusters as a good way of working together.