Athelstaneford Primary School

Primary 3/4 have been very busy lately preparing an assembly for the rest of the school. First they brainstormed ideas then they voted to choose one. Next they brainstormed ways of showing information. They used to ideas trail to separate red hot ideas from warm or lukewarm ones. In groups they are now planning and creating posters, games and slideshows as well as a short play. We will let you know how it all goes.

Tranent Primary Fashion Show


The Eco-group at Tranent Primary organised a very successful fashion show.  Pupils were very creative and used recycled items to create outfits and accessories for the fashion show.  Each class selected two pupils who had been exceptionally creative and they modelled their clothes to the whole school at the fashion show.  The eco-group representative wrote the description of the outfit.  The pupils had a fantastic time and each class got a chance to parade down the catwalk in their amazing clothes. 

Make It In Scotland 2007

Make it in Scotland is an opportunity offered by Careers Scotland for S2s to find out more about the Manufacturing Sector in Scotland and especially about the importance to that sector of pupils with science, maths and technology qualifications, before making their Subject Choices. As Careers Scotland wish to change to a new format, all Education Authorities in South East Scotland area were asked to nominate 1 school in their area to take part in a pilot of the new materials. The new materials were constructed as a new Career Box lesson S2, lesson 7, parts A and B, and may now be accessed by all schools. In February the lesson was delivered to the pilot classes by teachers and the Enterprise in Education Advisers.


In East Lothian the pilot school was North Berwick High and the winning team from this school attended the South East of Scotland Final at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh on March 28th. Here the team took part in several activities: building and directing a robot, creating and marketing a new product, finding out about careers in Manufacturing and giving a presentation of their findings about the Manufacturing Sector in Scotland. The North Berwick team used Rolls Royce as their case study, gave an excellent presentation and had an interesting and enjoyable day.


All teachers who took part in the pilot project were asked for feedback and their comments will be taken into account when the Make it in Scotland lesson and challenge are finalised. It is hoped to offer the opportunity to take part in Make it in Scotland to all S2 classes in the South East of Scotland in the period January to March 2008.


If you wish further information about Make it in Scotland please contact Dorothy Stewart, Enterprise in Education Adviser, Careers Scotland Centre, Musselburgh


T: 0131 653 1032 (direct)/0131 665 3120 (centre)