Yearbook Success at L.P.S.

Primary Seven have been very enterprising in their approach to creating a Yearbook. Guided by PGDE students, they collaboratively planned the content, made surveys and voted for articles to be included. The next step was to write to local businesses for sponsorship. They had to write to many businesses in order to raise the funds for colour printing – a second batch of letters even needed to be sent out! Finally they took time to plan the content and design of their own pages. It looks fantastic Primary Seven. They will be presented with the finished article after their show on Wednesday – they can’t wait! A huge thanks to all of the businesses who supported this venture, which would otherwise have been in black and white.

Enterprise in Education Awards 2007

Tomorrow is our annual Enteprise in Education Awards ceremony which is designed to recognise the achievements of both schools and businesses across the authority this year.  As mentioned previously in the blog, the criteria for this year was more rigorous with a panel of judges looking at the various submissions.  There are three categories of awards this year.  These are

  • Business Awards – nominated by the schools themselves for businesses who have helped in the delivery of the curriculum.
  • Enterprising Teaching and Learning – showing examples of how enterprising approaches have become part of everyday teaching and learning.
  • Enterprise Activity – an eevnt which involved te pupils taking ownership and making choices reagrding their learning.

The ceremony itself is being held at the Townhouse in Haddington from 10.30am.  The winners will be posted on this blog in due course.

St. Mary’s 40th Celebration

Pupils at St. Mary’s are looking forward to celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their school on it’s present site.

On Thursday 14th June they will host an Open Morning for parents and friends of the school -past and present. During the morning each class will sing songs from the decades(which they recorded onto cd last week with the help of ‘Recording Stars’). The children have been researching news items from Haddington re their decade and finding out memories of past pupils and staff to share with the audience.

Last month each class was given a 40th Anniversary Challenge to organise a celebration night.

P2/3 to book a band   P4 book a venue   P5 advertising to parents

P6/7 advertise in local paper  and P1/2 illustrate the tickets

Everyone worked really well together and the result is a Family Ceilidh/Boogie Night on Friday 15th June in Haddington’s Town House so if anyone associated with St. Mary’s reads this and would like  to join us please contact the school for tickets!

Life in granny and grandpa’s time…

P1 at Gullane Primary organised a special afternoon for their grandparents recently.  The class had been studying life in granny and grandpa’s time as part of their environmental studies work and invited their grandparents in to class to find out about the differences between life now and then.  The pupils acted as tour guides around the classroom and shared their experiences before offering granparents tea and scones which had been freshly baked by the children that morning.  Grandparents then took their turn to share experiences and show off the artefacts that they had brought along, amongst them the favourites were the boxing gloves and the tin can!  A great afternoon was had by all.