Burns supper at Cockenzie

P6N and 6D pupils at Cockenzie primary organised a fantastic Burns supper for nearly 200 people on Tuesday 29th January. All the P6 pupils in the school took part in the Burns supper including the P6 children from P6/7 and P5/6. They managed to run the Burns supper without it costing too much and make money at the same time. McKirdy’s donated the haggis, the Co-op gave £50 in vouchers which bought the juice and shortbread and to help the day go with a swing the children made sashes, badges, corsages and held a Wear Tartan Day on Rabbie’s birthday. The haggis was piped in by Struan , one of the P6 pupils learning to play the chanter and Robbie gave the address to the haggis. The assembled parents and grandparents enjoyed the afternoon’s entertainment of songs and dancing, poetry readings, recorder playing, piano recitals and speeches which were all introduced by by Jordan, the master of ceremonies.
Miss Nisbet and Miss Daly were extremely proud of the children in their classes who all worked hard so hard to make the occasion a great success with their excellent organisation.