P6 Burns Supper

The Selkirk Grace
Honoured gGuests
This knife see rustic labour deight.
more hobnoured guests
singing their hearts out

On the afternoon of February 8th all the P6 pupils in the school and their guests enjoyed haggis neeps and tatties, irn bru and shortbread as well as great entertainment.   The haggis was piped in  and addressed, the laddies spoke about the lassies , the lassies spoke about the laddies and ,of course ,  there was an Immortal memory.  The children sang  ‘White Cockade’,  ‘The diel’s awa’, ‘Bonie wee thing’, ‘My love she’s but a lassie yet’ and there were recitations of  ‘Tarbolton lassies’,  ‘To a mouse’, ‘Address to a haggis’ to name a few.  They also entertained  everyone with some dancing too.  They danced the Gay Gordons, The Virginia reel and the Flying Scotsman.  It was a great afternoon with enterprising learning ,  a real experience  with all the organisation having been done by the pupils in P6M who all had different jobs,

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  1. Excellent and awesome gallery! I’m really impressed to read about P6 Burns Supper. It was a great party show picture. Everybody was eating in one picture. I’m really enjoyed this party pics 🙂 And the children singing well in this party :):):) Thanks for allocation.

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