A Guide to Determined to Succeed

Determined to SucceedDTS (Determined to Succeed) is the Scottish Executive’s strategy for Enterprise in Education. It aims to help Scotland’s young people develop self-confidence, self reliance and ambition to achieve their goals – in work and in life.

How has Enterprise in Education enhanced education in East Lothian? Discover how schools in East Lothian are making Enterprise come alive by clicking on a school link and all will be revealed. Staff, parents, business partners and other support agencies are all playing a vital part in ensuring pupils in East Lothian are determined to succeed and apply a “Can Do, Will Do” approach to their lives.

I think that Determined to Succeed has exceeded our expectations. Almost without exception young people, teachers and business people have embraced the idea of enterprise in education and determined to succeed with a willingness and an enthusiasm that’s led to projects, charities, businesses, initiatives being set up in schools both large and small, throughout Scotland.”

Jack McConnell, First Minister 14 November 2005

You can find a list of useful websites on this page.

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A guide to everything enterprising happening in East Lothian