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P6 Burns Supper

The Selkirk Grace
Honoured gGuests
This knife see rustic labour deight.
more hobnoured guests
singing their hearts out

On the afternoon of February 8th all the P6 pupils in the school and their guests enjoyed haggis neeps and tatties, irn bru and shortbread as well as great entertainment.   The haggis was piped in  and addressed, the laddies spoke about the lassies , the lassies spoke about the laddies and ,of course ,  there was an Immortal memory.  The children sang  ‘White Cockade’,  ‘The diel’s awa’, ‘Bonie wee thing’, ‘My love she’s but a lassie yet’ and there were recitations of  ‘Tarbolton lassies’,  ‘To a mouse’, ‘Address to a haggis’ to name a few.  They also entertained  everyone with some dancing too.  They danced the Gay Gordons, The Virginia reel and the Flying Scotsman.  It was a great afternoon with enterprising learning ,  a real experience  with all the organisation having been done by the pupils in P6M who all had different jobs,

Cockenzie roundup

Here are some of the things that have been happening in Cockenzie since the October holidays. 

Primary ones have been looking at the weather and both classes had fun finding out about  the wind.  P 1T designed and made wind socks and P1L had great fun trying out their kites on the grass in front of the school.  They also made candle holders and Christmas plates to  raise money for the school at the Christmas Fair on the 29th November.

P2 have been finding out how to keep safe in different situations and have had visits from the police and the fire brigade.   They also had a visit from two people from the coastguard service who came and talked about their job and how they help people at sea.  They don’t normally visit schools but one of the  officers has a niece in the school and came in when he was off duty.  

P3 have been studying Day and Night.  P3D made a display of everything they found out and P3M  looked at the moon at night and then recorded what they saw on a poster.   P3/4 have been finding out about the Romans and had a visit from a Roman centurion to their class.   P4 have been designing and making safety gates in their Dangersville topic.  

 Before the October holiday P4/5 were working on an eco theme and began a model made out of recycled materials.   He is now finished and standing in the hall for all to see,  2 metres tall and made of milk cartons, plastic bottles and newspapers contained in chicken wire.  His name is Mr Globby.   They also had a visit from the Eco lab showing interesting creepy crawlies.


The two P 6 classes studied the second world war and held a Festival of Learning and  Remembrance .  They organised themselves in groups and decided what they wanted to research.  They pulled it altogether on the 14th of November for an invited audience of family members, the British Legion  and a representative from Poppy Scotland.  Mr Glover minister of the Chalmers’ church  gave the blessing at the end. They also sold poppies in the school and raised £225.92.   It was a very informative and moving occasion. 

P7V ran a bookfair for the school which lasted 2 weeks,  they organised  the times for visiting and buying , took  orders, sold books, phoned in the orders and made sure the books balanced.  It was a challenging experience but a real taste of running a bookstore!  The school now has £1415.63 to spend on books.  P7D have been interpreting music and a group of girls shared with the school at assembly the dance they made to Homeless. 

Both classes had a visit from a parent who is in the police.   They are studying  the Victorians   and were delighted with his presentation comparing policing then and now.















P6/7 Raise funds for clean water in The Gambia

P6/7 decided to ask all the classes in school to fill a water bottle with their spare pennies. Each class was given an empty bottle to fill and when the pennies were counted the amazing sum of £200 was raised. This money is going to help children in The Gambia have access to clean water. The children were inspired to do this through their ES topic which was about Africa. They have also been making tie-dyed material which they are going to turn into cushions, selecting their colours very carefully. Well done P6/7.

Burns supper at Cockenzie

P6N and 6D pupils at Cockenzie primary organised a fantastic Burns supper for nearly 200 people on Tuesday 29th January. All the P6 pupils in the school took part in the Burns supper including the P6 children from P6/7 and P5/6. They managed to run the Burns supper without it costing too much and make money at the same time. McKirdy’s donated the haggis, the Co-op gave £50 in vouchers which bought the juice and shortbread and to help the day go with a swing the children made sashes, badges, corsages and held a Wear Tartan Day on Rabbie’s birthday. The haggis was piped in by Struan , one of the P6 pupils learning to play the chanter and Robbie gave the address to the haggis. The assembled parents and grandparents enjoyed the afternoon’s entertainment of songs and dancing, poetry readings, recorder playing, piano recitals and speeches which were all introduced by by Jordan, the master of ceremonies.
Miss Nisbet and Miss Daly were extremely proud of the children in their classes who all worked hard so hard to make the occasion a great success with their excellent organisation.

P6 Learning Festival at Cockenzie Primary

9th November 2007
This morning P6N and P6D held a learning festival in the school assembly hall. The children decided that this was the way they wanted to show what they had learned. They prepared displays and activities and organised a Remembrance ceremony too. The children opened their festival to all the classes in the school who thoroughly enjoyed looking at their displays and trying out their activities which ranged from dancing to the music of Glen Miller, bombing a power station, a display about rationing, getting dressed in the dark in a blackout, how to set a table and go inside an Anderson shelter, to name but a few. They also invited their families to come and look at what they had learned. They were also treated to wartime sandwiches, cakes and biscuits and a nice cup of tea. The children held a minute’s silence during their Remembrance ceremony and Rev Glover led the children and parents in prayer. The children also collected donations for the Poppy Appeal. Congratulations and well done P6N and P6D.