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Cockenzie’s Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Pupils in P5D have built a green house in the quiet garden and they hope that by they will have grown some food that can be eaten by pupils in the school.   The children organised the collection of the 2000 bottles needed to build the greenhouse.  They worked in groups with parents and Richard , from  Sustainable Communities, who knew exactly how to help them build the greenhouse.  Some of the bottles were decorated and the finished article looks great.   The children were also involved in monitoring the wastage from school dinners.  They used empty fruit shot bottles to edge one of the gardens in the quiet garden.  They organised the collection of plastic sandwich cartons and pointed out how much fruit was being wasted by the boys and girls in the dining room. 

Campie’s Wild And Wonderful Exhibition

Wild and Wonderful Exhibition

On Friday 12 January, pupils in Mrs O’Brien’s P7a class at Campie Primary, staged a very successful exhibition of environmentally – themed sculptures at Stuart House, Eskmills, Musselburgh.

The exhibition was inspired by the pupils’ contact with Fanny Lam Christie, an artist and sculptor who recently staged an exhibition of her own work at Eskmills. The children visited the exhibition and invited Fanny to come to school to talk to them about her work, as part of their on going activities in  the John Muir Award. Fanny, like Mrs O’Brien and her class, has a very keen interest in environmental and conservation issues and was a very welcome visitor.

As  a result the children began work in pulling together their own exhibition which features sculptures, John Muir Award displays and stories. The work itself  took many weeks to complete, including organising the exhibition itself – the venue, invitations etc.

The opening on 12 January was a very happy occasion for the children, Mrs O’Brien and the school. It was attended by parents and VIP guests including the Director of Education Alan Blackie;Lord James Douglas – Hamilton MSP; John Muir Award and National Trust reps; Gavin McIntosh and Malcolm Gillies of Eskmills and many others. The children were delighted that so many busy people had taken time out to attend. Their hard work and enterprising approaches had paid off handsomely.

Once again the school would like to pay tribute to Eskmills, especially Gavin McIntosh, for  the encouragement and support offered to the school and Fanny Lam Christie for her inspiration.

Cathy Clarke DHT Campie PS

Enterprising Stenton

Stenton Primary School is in the process of establishing a partnership with the Stenton Bowling club.  The pupil council decided to approiach this organisation because of the existing links: the annual pupil bowling cup.  They have already met with a committee member to explain their proposals and obligations in formalising this partnership.  Final decisions will be made at the next meeting in February.

This year the technology topic ‘Toys’ was the focus for the Christmas shop.  P1-7 were involved in all aspects of design, marketing and selling tyo raise money to support two chidlren’s education in Nepal and sonations to charities of the children’s choice.  As part of this project, Mrs Nevin form the Early Learning Centre made a visit to talk about the marketing aspect of running a business.  This was a key area we felt as a staff we needed to develop.

To raise parental awareness and involvement of Enterprise in Education, it was highlighted in our November curricular evening and is included in all our newsletters.

Elizabeth Diamond – Head Teacher