What is Determined to Succeed? 

The Scottish Executive, with the active support and involvement of business and the wider community, wants all young people to have self-confidence and belief in their own talents and abilities, and to develop the skills to make the most of their potential.  “Determined to Succeed” is a programme designed to give our young people in education more opportunities to be actively involved in enterprise and to develop their skills for work and lifelong learning. Success depends on the support of the community, and with the help of local business we can enable our young people to become more effective employees, employers and entrepreneurs.

What’s happening in East Lothian? Each school – primary and secondary – is developing a programme of activities for pupils and students at each stage of education.  This helpsyoung people to: * Gain a better understanding of the world of work* Build a positive “can do, will do” attitude* Develop a sense of achievement and responsibility* Develop their skills for work and lifelong learning* Gain a greater understanding of themselves East Lothian Council is in the process of putting together a list of local companies and organisations able to provide support for this programme.  If you think you can offer some support, read on. How can you get involved? There are a number of ways in which companies and organisations can engage with schools.  Here are just a few examples: 

  • Provide a placement for a student
  • Talk to groups of pupils about your organisation and your own career
  • Provide advice on running a business to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
  • Be an on-line e-mentor
  • Judge a competition at a local school

 Even if you can just help with one or two activities each year, that will make a big difference. Whatever the size of your organisation there is something you can do. What’s in it for you? You and your organisation will be contributing to the skills development of Scotland’s future workforce and giving something back to your local community; there are also some direct benefits for your organisation, for example: 

  • You or your staff can benefit from personal development opportunities
  • There may be some positive PR
  • It’s a chance to engage with your future workforce and customers

  What should you do next? You can request further information, or discuss any ideas you have, by contacting Scott Lavery at East Lothian Council’s Department of Education and Children’s Services on 01620 827872, or alternatively e-mail Scott at

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