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East Linton’s Yellow Woods Challenge

One of the Enterprising tasks we have undertaken as a whole school this session has been the Yellow Woods Challenge. We had to collect as many copies of last year’s Yellow Pages as possible and make a sculpture out of them. As a school, from nursery to P7 and with the help of parents, carers and friends of the school we managed to collect in excess of 600 copies. Fantastic for a school whose combined roll is only 199! The Yellow Pages were then sent off for re-cycling. The Primary 3 and Primary 4 classes along with Miss Donaldson (P3 teacher) and Mrs Yule (Classroom Asst) made a fabulous sculpture of a seahorse that was so big it had to be built in our gym hall. We took digital photos and a movie of it for you to enjoy. We won first prize last year with our teddy bear, we hope we match that success.

Click on the link below to see our Seahorse movie, we hope you enjoy it.

Hot News: We just heard that we won first prize of £100 again for the seahorse sculpture and a very creditable fourth in  quantity. Well done to Athelstaneford for being worthy overall winners!