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Enterprise Week at Gullane Primary School

Gullane Primary School are running a number of activities this week to demonstrate how they use enteprising approaches across the curriculum.

The nursery are having a tooth brushing and hand washing week, with information being sent out to parents and demonstrations in class. On Tuesday they are having the machine which shows up the germs on your hand!

P1 are having a Teddy Bear week because they are doing a Toys project, this involves bringing your teddy to school each day and involving him in different activities finishing up with a Teddy Bears picnic on Friday to raise money for Children in Need.

P2 are having a Viking week where they will be building mini settlements, and finding out all about life as a Viking.

P2/3 have been busy working on individual research projects and are presenting them to each other this week.

P3/4 & P4/5 are holding a sponsored walk in aid of Food Aid, they have created their own sponsorship forms and have been busy getting as much money as they can before their walk.

P5 are busy preparing for the Christmas art and craft fair that they are organising in the school at the end of this month. They have organised activities for each class to create for the fair and have been in charge of arranging stalls, producing advertising, sorting money and resources etc. The class had to apply for jobs such as advertising manager, general manager etc.

P6 have been given a challenge to create stained glass windows for the front of the school for Christmas. The groups have to measure their window, come up with a suitable design and create it for display throughout December.

P7 are creating an anti-bullying DVD (see attachment for details)


Elise Sutherland

Life in granny and grandpa’s time…

P1 at Gullane Primary organised a special afternoon for their grandparents recently.  The class had been studying life in granny and grandpa’s time as part of their environmental studies work and invited their grandparents in to class to find out about the differences between life now and then.  The pupils acted as tour guides around the classroom and shared their experiences before offering granparents tea and scones which had been freshly baked by the children that morning.  Grandparents then took their turn to share experiences and show off the artefacts that they had brought along, amongst them the favourites were the boxing gloves and the tin can!  A great afternoon was had by all.