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Loretto’s Enterprise Update

Loretto Primary  have had many exciting enterprise activities going on across the whole school. P4 and P6 children have been working closely together on promoting recycling in the school. They have worked with the Changeworks people, organised and presented an assembly and do weekly collections and disposal of recyclable materials. P3 pupils worked hard to organise an Art exhibition which was set up in the gym. Family and friends were invited along to purchase the pictures and the money was donated to charity. P6/7 and P7 pupils made and sold Christmas cards and organised the Shoe Box appeal for the New Hope Trust. P4 and P5 organised a Burns supper for the more elderly residents of the parish church and this was a very popular event. At present P1 pupils are preparing an enterprise assembly for their parents, which will show how they have progressed in all areas of the curriculum since they started school.P7 pupils are currently organising and promoting the whole school charity event for the season of Lent which is for SCIAF.There will also be a Fair Trade coffee morning for parents. p6 pupils have been recycling old mobile phones and ink cartridges. All proceeds to SCIAF. P5 pupils are participating in the John Muir Award for the first time and will be finding enterprising ways to achieve their goals.

Loretto’s Enterprise Update

So far this session we have had many exciting enterprising activities going on across the whole school. Primary 4 and 6 have been working very closely together on promoting recycling in Loretto. They have worked with ‘Changeworks’, presented an assembly and organise the weekly collection and disposal of any recyclable materials. Primary 3 worked very hard over the Christmas term and organised an Art Exhibition, which was set up in our gym hall. Family and friends were then able to come along and purchase the pictures and all proceeds went towards the charities identified by the local churches of Musselburgh. Primary 6/7 and 7 were also very busy over the Christmas term making and selling Christmas cards and organising the shoe box appeal for the New Hope Trust.At present Primary 4 and 5 are preparing for our annual Burns Celebration. They will be dancing, singing and reciting poetry for members of our parish church – it’s always a very popular event. 

Forthcoming Events/Activities

Whole school fundraising campaign during Lent

P5 Making paired reading books for Primary 1 

P5 taking part in the John Muir Award