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Enterprising work going on in our nursery and primary schools across East Lothian.

Campie’s Wild And Wonderful Exhibition

Wild and Wonderful Exhibition

On Friday 12 January, pupils in Mrs O’Brien’s P7a class at Campie Primary, staged a very successful exhibition of environmentally – themed sculptures at Stuart House, Eskmills, Musselburgh.

The exhibition was inspired by the pupils’ contact with Fanny Lam Christie, an artist and sculptor who recently staged an exhibition of her own work at Eskmills. The children visited the exhibition and invited Fanny to come to school to talk to them about her work, as part of their on going activities in  the John Muir Award. Fanny, like Mrs O’Brien and her class, has a very keen interest in environmental and conservation issues and was a very welcome visitor.

As  a result the children began work in pulling together their own exhibition which features sculptures, John Muir Award displays and stories. The work itself  took many weeks to complete, including organising the exhibition itself – the venue, invitations etc.

The opening on 12 January was a very happy occasion for the children, Mrs O’Brien and the school. It was attended by parents and VIP guests including the Director of Education Alan Blackie;Lord James Douglas – Hamilton MSP; John Muir Award and National Trust reps; Gavin McIntosh and Malcolm Gillies of Eskmills and many others. The children were delighted that so many busy people had taken time out to attend. Their hard work and enterprising approaches had paid off handsomely.

Once again the school would like to pay tribute to Eskmills, especially Gavin McIntosh, for  the encouragement and support offered to the school and Fanny Lam Christie for her inspiration.

Cathy Clarke DHT Campie PS

Enterprising Stenton

Stenton Primary School is in the process of establishing a partnership with the Stenton Bowling club.  The pupil council decided to approiach this organisation because of the existing links: the annual pupil bowling cup.  They have already met with a committee member to explain their proposals and obligations in formalising this partnership.  Final decisions will be made at the next meeting in February.

This year the technology topic ‘Toys’ was the focus for the Christmas shop.  P1-7 were involved in all aspects of design, marketing and selling tyo raise money to support two chidlren’s education in Nepal and sonations to charities of the children’s choice.  As part of this project, Mrs Nevin form the Early Learning Centre made a visit to talk about the marketing aspect of running a business.  This was a key area we felt as a staff we needed to develop.

To raise parental awareness and involvement of Enterprise in Education, it was highlighted in our November curricular evening and is included in all our newsletters.

Elizabeth Diamond – Head Teacher

Enterprising Infants at St Martin’s RC Primary School

On 23rd December 2006 the infant pupils of St Martin’s RC Primary School performed a Christmas Nativity in the church.  The performance was well attended and enjoyed by parents and members of the local community. 

In January 2007 the children were asked to discuss how to spend the money raised from the performance and it was decided that the pupils would buy resources for third world countries.  Following whole class discussions, P1 elected to buy a goat and some chickens.  P2 decided to purchase a supply of clean water and P3 decided to buy safe water for 50 people and two textbooks.  These resources were bought at a cost of £120.  The children talked about the benefits to the other children which these gifts would bring.

Cath Nairn – Enterprise Coordinator

Whitecraig Primary Community Food Cooperative


Tuesday January 23 saw Whitecraig Primary launch the new and exciting initiative of a Community Food Co-operative. Targeting all members of the local community, the aim is for our P7 pupils and Health Promotion Group to serve subsidized fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs on a weekly basis to all stakeholders, including those who have no association with the school.

P7 took up the challenge of producing eye catching advertising posters for display around the village as well as mail shots to those households with no direct link to Whitecraig Primary.

As the accompanying photographs show our first venture into the world of retail sales was a huge success. Not only were the senior pupils undertaking ‘real maths’ in a pressurised situation, but we mangaed to attract into school many members of the local community who would otherwise not have crossed our threshold.

So forget Tesco’s Home Delivery! Come to Whitecraig Primary School every Tuesday between 11:30am and 1:30pm to buy your fresh fruit and veg at amazingly low prices!!’

Mark Melville – DHT and Enterprise Coordinator

Christmas Lanterns at Tranent Primary School

Jenna in 6A describes below what was involved in the making of the festive lanterns: 

Last term Primary 6A made a Christmas lantern with Miss Maule and Mrs Herriot.  We had to get two trays and pick the materials, acetate, polystyrene, soaked willow and an electrical circuit.  We designed a picture then we put our pictures under the acetate and we went over it with black, gold and silver lead, we then waited till the lead dried and then we painted the pictures with glass paints.We started cutting the soaked willow to make it 15 cms and 22 cms.  We used a glue gun to put our lanterns together.

After we glued the lanterns together and they had dried, we glued the polystyrene on and got them painted by the janitor, Mr Mercer.  When they dried we stuck the battery on with the glue gun and we put the switch on with masking tape.  Then we stuck the acetate on, they looked very eye catching.  We put them on display in the Project Area so that our parents could see them when they came along to see us perform at our Fischy Musical Evening.

Lisa Martin – Enterprise Coordinator

Enterprising Levenhall Nursery School

At Levenhall Nursery School we are half way through our Dental Health Week. Carol Golightly (Oral Health Promoter) has visited the nursery to talk and tell stories about toothbrushing and looking after your teeth; she has given out toothbrushes,leaflets and other resources; and has advised parents about diet and good dental hygiene. Throughout the week the children have helped to prepare a variety of Good Dental Health Food for snack including lots of vegetables and fruit. As usual we visited our local fruit and veg market run by Roots and Fruits in the Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre to buy our supplies. Roots and Fruits also kindly donated 3 pieces of fruit for each child as part of this promotion. We have also introduced the Scottish Executive’ s Toothbrushing Initiative in nursery this week and every child now has their own toothbrush to brush their teeth every day during their nursery session.

As well as all of this we are celebrating Rabbie Burns’ Birthday with a Burns’ Supper! We will also be singing traditional songs and having a wee bit of a Ceilidh.

Looking ahead, the school is 30 years old this year. We are already gathering ideas from the parents and, of course, we will ask the children how they would like to celebrate this occasion!!

Ann Burton – Principal Teacher and Enterprise Coordinator

Enterprise at Law Primary School

P6 Pupils are working with the Seabird Centre in North Berwick on a Junior Tour Guide Scheme.   The pupils have been trained to take visiting schools round the centre following a script in role as birdwatchers.  As part of their training they have visited Linlithgow Palace to see Junior Tour Guides in action and are attending drama sessions with Karen McKenzie from Illuminate.P6 pupils have also been experiencing Reciprocal Reading.   In groups the children decide what subject they would like to read about.   The class then read and discuss the text using the reciprocal reading method.  The next stage is for the group to find their own text that they think will interest their peers which must meet certain criteria eg  contains some new vocabulary and encourages them to “think outside the box” .  Through this approach the children are able to have control over their learning.

P5 have been working on paper and card recycling as well as composting.  Pupils wrote to the local Rotary Club to ask if they would be interested in contributing towards the cost of new compost bins for each class.  They then contacted Changeworks to order the bins.  P5 are going to take part in a card recycling workshop which will contribute towards the Eco-Schools award.

Pupils have resourced and put together “listening boxes” which can be borrowed from the school library.   Each box contains a CD player,  a junction box,  6 headphones and a mains adaptor.  There is a collection of books on CD for pupils to choose from.

P2 pupils approached their Toys topic in an enteprising way.  The children planned the topic and decided on the learning outcomes.  The layout of the classroom was changed to accommodate a shop “Toys ‘R’Law”,  a factory,  an office and a design department.  The class invited their parents to an open morning when they sold the toys they had made.  The children were excited,  inspired and successful…..the teacher was exhausted!!

Valerie Duncan – Enterprise Coordinator