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Enterprising Stenton

Stenton Primary School is in the process of establishing a partnership with the Stenton Bowling club.  The pupil council decided to approiach this organisation because of the existing links: the annual pupil bowling cup.  They have already met with a committee member to explain their proposals and obligations in formalising this partnership.  Final decisions will be made at the next meeting in February.

This year the technology topic ‘Toys’ was the focus for the Christmas shop.  P1-7 were involved in all aspects of design, marketing and selling tyo raise money to support two chidlren’s education in Nepal and sonations to charities of the children’s choice.  As part of this project, Mrs Nevin form the Early Learning Centre made a visit to talk about the marketing aspect of running a business.  This was a key area we felt as a staff we needed to develop.

To raise parental awareness and involvement of Enterprise in Education, it was highlighted in our November curricular evening and is included in all our newsletters.

Elizabeth Diamond – Head Teacher