Rag Bag

The E-Ross group carried out a Rag Bag collection after Christmas 2010 as a House Competition. Pupils managed to collect 55 large bags (Bankton were the winners) of clothing and textiles.

The Rag Bag collection bin is now in permanent residence outside reception. Anyone who has donations to make should take them to their register teacher who can label the bag with your house before posting it in the rag bin!

 What you can collect:

 Clothes                   Paired shoes                                     

Soft toys                  Bags

Ties                          Scarves

Belts                         Blankets

Towels                      Curtains etc.              (all textiles)

Where does it all go?

Items that are still usable will be sent to Africa or other developing nations. Older materials are recycled and made into industrial wiping cloths.

 How you are helping?

As well as contributing to recycling you are helping other children much less fortunate than yourself.

 All the materials we collect in school are bought by the rag bag company and this raises funds for the school.

 For every bag your registration class fills you will receive house points.

Here’s our first Rag Collection Certificate 🙂

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