Peep Show and Errors in Reasoning

Jeremy Usborne: Yeah, it’s all based on the seven sacred truths from the golden tablets found in the asteroid which crashed in Siberia in 1911. It’s a really great book, you’d love the chapter on Orgones.

Mark Corrigan: Orgones?

Jeremy Usborne: Orgones are the invisible molecules of universal life energy which govern our moods and our actions. Negative Orgones are the sources of all the problems in the world.

Mark Corrigan: And you believe that?

Jeremy Usborne: Well, how do explain all the problems in the world.

Mark Corrigan: I mean, I couldn’t just… There are so many historical and economic factors.

Jeremy Usborne: Exactly. You haven’t got a clue.

Mark Corrigan: But come on, Jez? Asteroids? Orgones? What would you say if I came home one day talking about that kind of stuff?

Jeremy Usborne: I’d say “That’s sounds fascinating, please tell me more.” See you later.

Or here’s another…

Jeremy Usborne: The good news is that in my last personality chart I was thirty percent up. Which was pretty wicked.

Super Hans: Your wellness levels must be through the fucking roof. You’re right on schedule, according to the book. Hardback book, based on tablets brought by an asteroid. Something you can rely on.

Jeremy Usborne: Yeah. What do you think about the… asteroid stuff?

Super Hans: What, are you having a few doubts?

Jeremy Usborne: No. God no. More sort of… thoughts.
Or another…. Cally (Jez’s new manager) justifies her belief in the sacredness of crystal skulls…

CALLY: How could you possibly make one of these [crystal skulls] except by some type of magic?
MARK CORRIGAN: In a factory…from glass.
CALLY: Oh sure, c’mon! Could you make that?

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