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January 2017…..

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Hello there, we hope you all have had a

super Festive break.

Our older group have been working on the Mats this month –

Rocking, Solid Rocks, Superman and Sausage Roll!

and our younger group have been working on

Balance, listening, space bubbles, scissor jumps,

line walking and their gross Motor Skills.

Sadly we have

no photographs to share as our Camera is playing up again !

As always, each session starts with a warm-up to music.

The children copy Lesley in her movements and have been

known to show her some moves! 🙂

Then we get straight into our programme.

We have lots of fun and play games, some

suggested by the children themselves! 🙂

The children regularly receive Certificates for their

hard work, proudly presented to them in assembly.

We always finish off our programme with a stretch

and cool down and this helps

the children to continue to focus on their class work.

Next month, our older group will be working on their

Aiming skills and our

younger group will be introduced to the Mats.

August to December 2016…..

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Hello everyone

It has been some time since I have managed to update our blog.

Here is some news to let you know what we have

all been getting up too!

As always we have been extremely busy…..

August and September…..

We welcomed Ewan to our group

We hope you enjoy yourself Ewan!

We continued working  on Scooter Boards.

We have become ‘incredibly awesome’ at manoeuvring them around

cones, on our tummy, on our knees, on our bottoms, going backwards,

in races and ‘Superman’

Lesley was very impressed with all your efforts!

October, November and December…..

We focused on our aiming skills.

We doubled up with a partner and threw a beanbag to them (this

also helped us with our catching skills!)

We remembered to position our body to  ‘opposite sides’

ask and all will be explained……..

We aimed at some cheeky animal pictures on the wall,

the children love this activity and try and beat

their own personal high score!

They all achieved this!  Well done!

In November we had two children complete our

Funky Moves Programme…..

Rory and William

Congratulations to you both, we hope you have enjoyed

being in our group.

Certificates were proudly presented to them and

indeed to all our children throughout this term.

Also in November we started our younger  group…..

We welcome :

Nathan, Jack, Robbie, Laura and Daniel

We hope you enjoy your time in Funky Moves 🙂

For January we will be concentrating on :

Mat-work for our older group

and  gross motor skills for our younger group

Phew! what a busy term this has been indeed!

Lesley and the Funky Moves children would like to

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a truly

Happy Healthy New Year


See  you  all  next  year.


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For June we are going to be introducing ourselves to



These are like a skateboard but are square

and have 4 wheels!


The children were explained how to keep

themselves safe on one……

‘ You must never stand on one’

‘You must keep your fingers away from the wheels’

‘Never go on one unsupervised’

We had fun learning how they work…..

Sitting forward, hands in safe place 🙂

Sitting forward 1

Sitting forward

Following a Zig Zag path….. 🙂

ZigZag Sitting

We even tried ‘Superman’…..  🙂


Following a zig zag path….. 🙂

Superman Zigzag

All the boys and girls are amazing! I’m sure you agree 🙂

The children chose a game of Tunnel Tig followed by

What’s the Time Mr Wolf to finish off the session…..

Tunnel Tig

Certificates proudly presented this month for awesome

Scooterboard skills to…..

Liam, William, Daisy, Rory & Ruby 🙂

and to Sam for Listening 🙂

We have one more session this month then that’s it

till August!

Lesley and the Funky Move kids wish you a super Summer

break and look forward to continuing our programme

next term  🙂

April & May …..

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For the months of April & May

we will be focusing on ‘Ball Skills’

Due  to  the  Easter  Break  and  Lesley

supervising  children  on  a  School  outing,

 we  only  had  two  sessions  in  April.

. We are learning to catch a ball safely

. We are learning to bounce a ball without

it running away from us! (not as easy

as it looks!)

. We are learning to dribble a ball

zig zag through cones placed on the floor


We have sadly had no sessions during May so far…..

The hall is busy with rehearsals for our school

show which is on next week.

We hope to re-start on the 25th of May 🙂


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For the month of March we will be focusing

on   A i m i n g

Our weekly slot has now been changed to

every Wednesday afternoon to allow for hall

availability on a Friday.

First as always, we had our warm up…..

Warm up

this got our muscles warm and ready for work.

Then we had a game of musical spots…..

Musical Spots

When the music stops you find a spot!

Next up we were shown how to stand for

Overarm throw…..

This is how we throw

We all had a shot…..

Throwing position

Then we aimed at our targets.

Some cheeky faces on the wall! 🙂

We were amazing!



A game of Budge …..


Then as always, we finished with a cool

down to some lovely chilling music.

Please feel free to leave a comment, we

would love to know what you think

of our programme, thank you.

Have a super weekend 🙂

January/February 2016

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Hello everyone!

Its been a while since we posted so we thought

we should let you all know what we have been up to

these past two months! 🙂

Sadly we have no pictures to share.

We have been Focusing on Line Walking, Space Bubbles,

Balance, Listening, Scissor Jumps, Jogging, Hopping,

Rhythm, Skipping and Galloping!

Phew we sure have been busy!

We would like to congratulate…….

Finlay,  Fraser  and  Fred   for

completing our programme 🙂

Well done boys we are very proud of you 🙂

Certificates proudly presented to:

Liam, William, Sam, Daisy

Rory and Ruby

We also welcome Cameron to our group 🙂

We hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun.

Next month we will be focusing on

A i m i n g

December 2015….

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We have spent December settling

in our new Funky Movers 🙂

We had lots of fun and played lots

of different games…..

Space Bubbles

Space bubbles

Follow My Leader

Follow my leader

Follow my leader 1

Follow my leader 2

Bunny Hops

Bunny hops

Musical Spots

Musical spots

We have worked very hard phew!

Lesley & The Funky Move Kids

would like to wish you all a very

Merry Christmas and a

Happy Peaceful New Year

See    you    next    year! 

November 2015 …..

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This month we are going to be concentrating

on Mat Work 🙂

As always, we had a warm up to some funky music

then we were lucky because

an Ex Funky Mover kindly came to demonstrate

each position to us 🙂

 A big thank you to Amy  ‘


We worked on Rocking, Superman, Solid Rocks,

Sausage Roll, Happy Cat & Sad Cat.



Rocking 1


Superman 1

Sausage Roll….

Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll 1

Sausage Roll 2

Certificates proudly presented to :

Finlay – Skipping,

Fraser – Superman,

Liam – Great Concentration,

Jamie – Solid Rocks and Completing our Funky Moves Programme

& Henry for Completing our Funky Moves Programme 🙂

A big congratulations to Henry and Jamie who have now

completed our Funky Moves Programme.

Well done boys! 🙂

We welcome Daisy, Ruby, Fred, Rory,

William and Sam to our group 🙂

We hope you enjoy yourselves 🙂

October …..

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This month we are focusing on

Aiming & Throwing 🙂

3 targets

We tried Over arm throwing reminding

ourselves to have ‘opposite sides’

Throwing aiming skills

I wonder if the children remember

what this means?

Hopefully YES 🙂

We also worked on our ‘Cross Lateral’ movements

cross lateral big movements

We hopped, skipped, jumped, ran,

 tip toed & heal walked

L Hopping

We worked very hard and had such

a great time

Our balance challenge was tricky


Congratulations to our winner! 🙂

Certificates proudly presented to

Jamie – Hopping

Fraser – Balance challenge winner


Jack who has completed our Funky Moves Programme! 🙂

Well done everyone, keep up the great work!

Have a lovely October break

August/September …..

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Welcome back everyone to our

Funky Moves!

We hope you all enjoyed your Summer break 🙂

We have been looking at Football skills lately.

Henry gave us an idea for a station so we tried it out!

We dribbled through cones then aimed

at three different sized goals!

The challenge was set! 🙂

3 different size goals

But before we got there we had to dribble

through cones!


We found this a little tricky at times!


But we had fun! as always 🙂

We finished each session with a game of the

children’s choice and

then a cool down

Warm up

Certificates proudly presented to :

Finlay and Jack for Football dribble,

Fraser for Great listening,

Henry for Great concentration,

Jamie for Being kind


Liam for Amazing goal scoring!

Well done Funky Moves Kids!

You are working very hard 🙂

For October we will be focusing on Aiming.


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