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June 2015……..

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June has arrived already!

This year seems to have flown by 🙂

We will only have two sessions this month

due to the hall being busy.

We focussed on balance

and co-ordination.

As always we warmed up too some

Funky music 🙂 then

got right into our stations.

Skipping Rope challenge…..

Jamie skipping rope

Skipping ropes

Travelling along a bench…..

The children thought up lots

of way to travel 🙂

Finlay travelling

Henry travelling

Jack travelling

Liam travelling

Hockey stick dribble…..

Lottie hockey stick

Jack hockey stick

Certificates proudly presented to Jack

and Lottie this month,

Well done! 🙂

Lesley and the Funky Move kids would

like to wish you all a very Happy Summer break.

Lets hope the sun keeps its hat on!

See you in August!

May 2015

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This month we are concentrating on

Football skills mostly and hopefully

we can catch another look at

Skipping ropes and

Hockey stick dribble

Today we had fun with the footballs…..

We had a go at bouncing it in front of us

and catching 🙂



We learnt how to stand to make our

balance stronger…..


We then tried dribbling the ball

in a straight line 🙂


Keep tuning in to see how we get on

in May 🙂

Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

March 2015……

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We have four stations this month

to work on and improve our skills 🙂

Skipping, Underarm throw, Overarm throw and

Hockey Stick dribble, phew!

Underarm throwing –

Aiming a bean bag into each hula-hoop

Underarm throw

Overarm throwing –

Aiming a bean bag at each Cheeky Face!

Overarm throw

Skipping –

See how many times you can jump

over the skipping rope 🙂

Skipping station

Hockey Stick Dribble –

Zig Zag through the cones

Hockeystick dribble

Some of us in action! 🙂

Finlay underarm aim

four stations in action

Liam skipping

Lottie Hockeystick dribble

We all had a shot at Scissor Jumps

using the painted lines on the floor

Jamie scissor jumps

What a busy month March is at Funky Moves! 🙂

We wish to say many Congratulations to Ben

who completed our Funky Moves programme!

Well done Ben 🙂

Certificates proudly presented to :

Jack – Hockey Stick Dribble and

Jamie – Underarm throw

Keep up the great work everyone 🙂

There is definitely a feel of Spring in the air 🙂

2015 so far……

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Hello everyone! It seems ages since we updated our blog!

We have a new camera and are excited to share

what we have been getting up to this year!

Scooter Board fun!

Its a little like a Skateboard but has a different shape…..

Scooterboard (800x597)

We learnt to sit on it and move in between cones…..

LB sitting zig zag (800x597)

JC Sitting zig zag (800x597)

SB sitting zig zag (800x597)

We learnt to “Superman” in between cones…..

FF superman zig zag (800x597)

HS Superman zig zag (800x597)

FH Superman Zig zag (800x597)

We had a lot of fun 🙂

We changed a beanbag to another cone whilst moving on

our path…..

Collect beanbag and change (800x597)

We are now experts! 🙂

We finished with tunnel tig…..

Tunnel tig! (800x597)

And a cool down to ease our muscles…..

Warm up (800x597)

Certificates proudly presented to –

Jamie, Ben, Finlay, Henry, Fraser, Jack, Liam and Lottie!

Well done to you all! 🙂

Have a super holiday everyone 🙂

December …….

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Well it has been a very busy December at school!

We had a little shot of the

Scooter Boards 🙂

unfortunately our Camera is faulty so

we have no pictures to show 🙁

We will however endeavour to get pictures

for January where we will

continue to work on our

Scooter Boards 🙂

Lesley and the Funky Moves kids

would like to wish you all

a very Merry Christmas and a

Happy Healthy New Year!


See you next year!

November so far……

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Well we have got off to a

very busy start for November!

Here is a little taster 🙂

As always, we started with a warm up

to some funky music with Lesley


Once our muscles were warm,

we were shown how to throw

and catch a ball and then

Lesley challenged us to move the ball

around our body


It is tricky! Can you do it?!

We tried controlling a ball along the lines


We had a balance challenge


We all had a go!


Two Winners this Week!!! 🙂

Well done to you Lottie and Ben!

We finished with a stretch and cool down.


Certificates proudly presented to:

Lottie, Ben, Henry, Finlay and Jack

Well done! 🙂

For our two sessions in December we

are going to be looking at

Scooter Boards!

Watch this space…….

October 2014…..

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We are disappointed to see that our pictures on here

have disappeared! 🙁

Apparently a fault on the

Schools eduBuzz WordPress Site!

This hopefully will be

rectified at some point and the pictures will re-appear!

Fingers crossed!


We   warmly   welcome –

Lottie, Jack, Finlay, Fraser and Liam to

our programme 🙂

we hope you enjoy yourselves 🙂


We worked our socks off on Friday.!!

Lots of big movements and balance games.

Baby beanbag guard was a big Hit with

our new children  🙂

Ask your child about it……


For  November  we are going to be working

on Ball Skills.

Watch this space…..



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Hello everyone!

We hope you all had a fantastic Summer break 🙂 and the sun shone wherever you were.

We are back!

Working harder than ever (if that’s even possible!)

This month we are looking at our gross motor skills.

We will be focusing on Balance, Hopping, Skipping,

Running, Space bubbles and as always our

Listening !

Keep checking our Site out to see what we

get up to 🙂


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We sadly have only managed one session this

month due to Lesley working in the

Nursery and the hall being busy.

We would like to congratulate Elliot

for completing his Funky Moves programme!

Well done Elliot! 🙂

We at Funky Moves wish you all a

wonderful Summer break and

look forward to continuing

our good work in August 🙂

Lets hope the sun shines!

May 2014……

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We have had a very busy month working on

our Hockey stick skills! 🙂

We first of all were shown how to hold our

Hockey sticks properly…..


We worked on 3 stations through out May.

Moving the ‘putt’ along a straight line…..


Moving the ‘putt’ zig zig between cones…..


Aiming the ‘putt’ into the goal…..


We all tried really hard…..


As always we had lots of challenges 🙂

Balance group challenge…..


Played lots of games.

Rocket tig…..


Tunnel tig…..


and as always at the end

of each session we finished

with a Stretch and Tone…..


We are delighted to announce that Magda has now

completed our Funky Moves programme 🙂

Well done Magda!

Certificates were proudly presented to all

the children in Funky Moves this month 🙂

for Hockey Stick dribble, Listening, Moving Challenge

and Balance Challenge.

As always, Lesley is very proud of you all 🙂

Keep up the great work!

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