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girfec_logo_normalGetting it right is a way of working consistently and supportively with all Scotland’s children, young people, and their families and acting quickly if they need help.

It’s being used in families, schools, nurseries, health care, social work, law enforcement, housing and some support services for adults. It has been designed to thread through all services and areas that involve children and young people of any age.

Taking care of our children’s well-being and making sure they are alright – even before they are born – helps us ensure the most positive outcomes for them later in life. It gives them the potential to grow up ready to succeed and play their part in society.

New integrated children’s services plan for East Lothian published

We have just launched the East Lothian Integrated Childrens Services Plan 2013-2017, which is driven by a common commitment across partners to improve how we work with families, children and young people to achieve the best outcomes. By setting our plan within the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) framework, we ensure that we take a strategic and co-ordinated approach towards achieving these outcomes.   The plan covers children and young people from birth – 18 years old (and beyond for some young people for whom we have statutory responsibilities and address issues of transition).