PSE timelines and other support links

Below are links to our timelines. You can see what we will be studying at any time of the year. These timelines are subject to change but should give you a good indication of the topics we are looking at.

S1 Timeline

S2 Timeline

S3 Timeline

S4 Timeline

S5 Timeline

S6 Timeline

RSHP timeline

Here are some extra, useful resources that can help you with PSE or if you are needing a bit of extra help and support. – Help and support from CAMHS. – All about jobs, course choices, planning for the future and CVs. – More on jobs, course choices and planning for the future. – Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenting. The website for the national resource. – Thinkuknow – help and advice on internet safety for students and parents / carers. – honest information about drugs. – lots of information about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, online safety and peer pressure. – advice and support from Police Scotland. – help for sleep in Scotland. – advice and support for young people. – a national anxiety charity – anxiety Canada. Help and support for anxiety.