zeugopterus-vsmall.jpgAs expected, one pass, one fail.  One very bouncy, highly motivated child – even an hour & a half of football in the rain didn’t manage to dampen his enthusiasm last night.  And that’s as it should be!

As for the other “am I bovvered?”. Well yes, actually, though you might be doing your best to hide it.  It would be very easy to say “It’s your own fault. You should have worked harder” and of course therein lies a very large part of the truth.  But in reality the whole truth is lurking somewhere in that muddy pond between teacher & student. The trick is going to be in swimming out of the pond with some motivation intact.

 I am hoping that one positive result might be some glimmer of understanding that, with prelims looming,  good exam results are not simply handed to you by the teacher.  But I’m not holding my breath.

As for motivation, with both boys now bussing it to school, I promised myself I would use the extra 40 minutes in the morning to cycle to work  (OK, I know I work at home but a quick spin round the block before a day at the hard drive seemed like a good idea).  So have I done it? Not very often, I’m afraid to say but I did go out this morning and it was great.  Now I must crack on with some work.

 Just got some comments back on a report I wrote recently & thought you might appreciate the following:-

Para 6 – “none were detected” not was

At least he didn’t write ‘where’.

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