Christmas miscellany

It was the annual brass concert at Ross High last night  when the Coop Band comes to visit and all the brass players from the county schools put on santa hats and get together to play Christmas music.  It’s always a good evening & this year the school band sounded even better than last (the Coop band always sounds good).  It’s great for the children to be able to hear & play with some really good musicians.

Music committments for the children come thick & fast now; Dalkeith Christmas lights last Saturday, Ormiston Monday, concert Tuesday, windband at the coop Wednesday, brass band at the coop Thursday, Macmerry lights Friday, somewhere else Saturday, and that’s just this week.  To fit in around tonight LEAPS meeting at the school & OH playing squash somewhere in town; Thursday night running; Friday night boys squash, swimming club, band at Prestonpans; and – possibly unwisely – we’re having our bathroom gutted/replaced in the week before Christmas so there’s that to sort. 

We came home to slump in front of the tv (I ran way too far at lunch time) and watched Alan Yentob presenting a programme on the power of the web in modern culture – YouTube, MySpace, blogging, all sorts of stuff.  It was very interesting but I’ve kept very quiet about my adventure into the world of blogs, I’m afraid.  I can think of nothing more mortifyingly embarrassing for a teenager than to find out that his middle aged mum is writing about him in a blog! 

Anyhow the next few weeks are looking far too busy and, as normal, we haven’t even thought about Christmas presents yet and, equally as normal, those who pay the bills want a report on their desks by the end of December.  Tell me, who in public service is going to read a report on 27th December or even 2nd January?  It happens every year and I should know better by now and plan ahead. 

A rumour is now circulating that the maths prelim is next week.  Possibly Monday/Tuesday, maybe Tuesday/Thursday, or even all three.  Looks like sines, cosines & tangents this weekend then.  I’m not sure I ever understood them in the first place and that was a very long time ago, in the days of sliderules.  

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  1. I wonder if this is the same program mentioned in Paul Goodall’s blog. I’m sure he called it “Imagine” and I also looked for it online without any success.


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