A conundrum

I think there’s a law about it.  I had to upgrade my computer last year because of the increasing demands from clients in terms of reports.  So many photos, complicated graphics and huge data tables to be included in a single report that everything becomes unwieldy.  GIS and databases.  Reports these days can easily run to 400 pages once all the appendices are in, and they want it all in one document.  So I duly upgraded, gave the boys the reasonably high spec computer that I had been working very happily on, gave away the very old computer, made everything wireless and we should have been sorted.  But it took them a nanosecond to realise that the new computer was way faster than the one I’d fobbed off on them.  That one is now ignored & there’s too much competition for this one.  My laptop needs sorting as it’s going at snail’s pace.  I need some time to deal with it all. Anyhow, I have realised that there is really no point these days giving the children the cast-off computer.  The approach should be to give them the new one and for me to have the cast off.  Mmm.  I think perhaps that defeats the  initial purpose of the upgrade.  Still, I had better get on to it before the tax year runs out.  But please don’t tell them that’s why I’m buying a new computer – I’m trying to hold it out as a post-prelim purchase.