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Mums' weekend away 2006 (No husbands, no children)It’s snowing this evening.  Tomorrow, it’s forecast to snow lots in Wales and England.  On Friday after school I have to drive to Pembroke with the boys, a 10 hour drive at the best of times.  Mid Wales in the snow? I think not.  And to compound the matter, we’ve all come back coughing from Somerset, courtesy of one of the cousins.   Submerging one’s sinuses more than a few inches below the murky surface of Milford Haven in the snow (and even when there’s no snow) requires nice clear air spaces, not ones clogged up with grot.  Oh well, a decision about whether to go or not to go can be put off another day at least.  These things are more difficult when you’re self employed as (1) you don’t get paid for not being there and (2) it makes it more obvious that you’re not irreplaceable hence (3) you might not get invited next time.   I should also point out (4) that I do in fact enjoy doing these things, leaving my desk behind and lying on the seabed with a magnifying glass, trying to identify the smallest seaweeds imaginable.

I’ve got a minor lull between jobs, more of a slowing down than stop/start, so I used part of today to play around with Flickr  to see what it does.  Some of the results are now on the sidebar.  I did try to customise the picture on my blog header but failed miserably.  Nor did I manage to get Flickr badge to work.  Why are these things never as easy as they look?

Eldest son was writhing in agony from earache this evening to the extent that I called NHS24 for advice.  I think it’s my fault as I wrote a while back that they’re never ill – serves me right, I suppose, but it seems a shame to take it out on the children.  Anyhow, I’ve filled him with as much pain killer as I dare and we’ll see in the morning.  He came back from school today very pleased with getting 3s in his prelims so far.  It was difficult for me to be overly enthusiastic as he’s supposed to be targetting 1s and 2s.  At least one of the 3s turned out to be a 4 balanced by 1s in all his practical assessments.  I tried to be positive “something to work on!” as I have nagged so much I think there’s a real danger of turning him right off but I hope his teachers all shout at him.  You have my permission!  He has been talking for a while now about wanting to do engineering so if he’s serious he’s going to have to get his act together big time.

Meanwhile, the younger one has spent the last few days talking non stop about ecuador-volcanic.jpgvolcanoes and earthquakes.  I’m expected to have at my fingertips a whole host of facts such as when Krakatoa last erupted and what sort of mountain is formed when one tectonic plate slides under another (at least, I think that was the question).  Subject choices are approaching fast so it seems a good ploy on the part of the Geography teacher to do disasters at this juncture.  An excellent sales pitch, I think.  He did a solo talk in English today, tackled with far more effort and enthusiasm than his older brother is putting into his.  I just hope some of this excitement and energy survives the inevitable onslaught of hormones that we can expect in the next year or so.

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  1. Say hello to Wales for me! You can wave to all the Welsh driving up. Head down the M50 and hopefully you’ll avoid the snow on the Beacons.

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