An injured cat

p1010065.JPGI came in from swimming tonight to find our youngest in floods of tears.  We hadn’t seen our cat, Tabby, for a few days – this is not particularly unusual as she often goes walkabouts.  Anyhow, she’d arrived home this evening with an injured paw, starving hungry and looking very sorry for herself.  A call to a friend who’s a vet reassured our youngest enough to go to bed and it looks like I’ve got a trip to the vet in the morning.  I’m supposed to be going into the museum tomorrow to sort out some of my accumulated samples, but that might have to be delayed a while. 

Last week’s Big Brother experience with one of our larger multinationals has temporarily dampened my enthusiasm for blogging about work; I expect I’ll get over it soon!  I think a post about the ups and downs of self-employment might be called for. 

2 thoughts on “An injured cat

  1. Guineapig(and cat)mum

    Hope moggy was okay! Cats are amazing really.

    Your recent experiences and a thread at
    has made me ponder the whole thing about blogging -and how public it is. Scary in a way!
    I’ve been having problems posting on a couple of blogs including yours recently -probably related to my connection- so hopes this gets through.

  2. I don’t know the background to the Big Brother incident, but it’s clear many organisations are having problems adapting to a world where traditional communication barriers are just melting away.

    Some years ago, I remember analysts, probably Gartner, advising companies to think of their organisations as porous to information, as it had become so easy for it to leak out via email, USB sticks and CDs. Now blogs mean it can not only leak out, it can be easily published, and found, too.

    Still, every cloud has a silver lining for someone, and someone’s now employed to scan the blogs. Maybe children should be advised that looking over other people’s shoulders is a growth industry, and will offer secure employment for increasing numbers in the future. And we wonder why we’ve a problem with productivity…

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