Tick tock

Countdown to the exams is most definitely on.  They all kick off next Tuesday with English.  The good news is that the 3rd years aren’t being sent home on a month’s study leave.  The bad news is that I’m still saying “you can do that after you’ve done some work”.  I did ask GP1 yesterday why, at this stage, I was still having to nag him to work, rather than to stop work, and didn’t he think that at this stage he should be spending every waking moment working?  Those comments rolled off the teflon coating like all the others!

I felt slightly better, in a backhanded sort of way, after talking to another parent on the football sidelines last night. 

“Is A all ready for next week?” 

“What happens next week?” 

“The exams start.”

“Oh, do they?  That’s news!  He doesn’t tell us anything!”

So we’re not the only ones whose offspring go to great lengths to impart as little information as possible and where exam fever is merely a distant dream.