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It was S1 Parent’s evening last night and we seemed to zoom round, magically finding empty chairs and very few queues, but it still took 2 hours.  This was despite spending very little time at any desk – just long enough to hear what an angelic specimen GP2 is and how they would all love to have him in their Standard Grade class.  Hmmm.  I must invite these teachers home sometime to see this paragon on his home territory. 

 Perhaps they were saying the same to everyone for an easy life?  You could certainly see teachers all round the room looking at the next customer, look down at their notes, deep breath, smile, lean forward, “He/She’s doing very well…”.  1st Year parent evenings must be hard going, trying to find things to say about children that you barely know and only see for a brief period each week.  But it’s good to meet the people who are having so much influence on my children.And it’s strange how my attitude to this blogging lark has moved on.  A few months ago I would have been very nervous about meeting the teachers and wondering if they knew my identity and that I would blog about it.  Now it doesn’t bother me in the least – probably in part because I’m pretty sure none of them read it anyway! 

It was our first opportunity to speak to the instrumental teacher since the fiasco of the grade exams in the autumn.  If anything came out of that, at least we now have practice diaries and parent consultations.  However, I find that I am still boiling over the way the exam preparation was handled; the letter we received in reponse to ours was a litany of excuses but no apology or acceptance of any responsibility.  And no acknowledgement from the school or the instrumental service.  We didn’t ever want to make excuses for the shortcomings of our offspring but the blame had to be shared with the teacher, and lessons learned, and this never happened.  It was a real “set up to fail” scenario which should never have been allowed to develop.  However, that is now old ground and we have to move on, even if the boys won’t be doing any more grade exams.   Unfortunately, though, the experience has ruined my confidence in and the relationship we had with the teacher and I only really appreciated this when I sat down at the desk last night.  There was no benefit to be gained from airing the grievances again and having a public argument develop so there was a quick review of progress and that was that.  OK, OK, I promise not to say any more about it.  It’s history and the boys are looking forward to the summer school.  Enough.

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  1. Please be sure, there are very few teachers who would express a wish to teach a child in a standard grade course if they cause trouble in class.

    My experience is that it is better to have tha result you have at parent’s night where your children may cause problems at home but do know how to behave and work well at school. Much worse to find that children behave well at home but are troublesome in school – don’t want to get into a disucssion about why this is but the word boundaries comes to mind.

  2. Having read my comment I realise it wasn’t very well expressed. The important part is that teachers would not make the kind of comments you describe to everyone for an easy life – it is far easier in the long run if they are honest (for everyone)

  3. I’m sure I know that really. In truth I would be very surprised to hear that he was badly behaved at school. And I do look at their jotters to see how things are going.

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