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Over lunch yesterday I happened to read this piece in the Guardian about study leave.  It pretty much encapsulated my feelings about my 14yr old son staying home for “revision”.  I did suggest, rather tentatively I must admit, to one of the teachers a while back that some form of mentoring by one of the older students might be a good idea as GP1 really hasn’t learned how to study.  The response was very dismissive as parents really don’t understand this sort of thing and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t chase it.  I also thought trying to enlist a local undergraduate would have been a good thing but there was noone immediately obvious and again I didn’t chase it.  Too late now.

Whilst the 3rd years aren’t taking the whole month as study leave, they are being allowed to stay home for the day before an exam.  I have reluctantly agreed that GP1 can do this as long as I’m at home, but I will be working away for a week later in the month.  I think presenting a structured environment in school, with some paired working with peers, will be for him much more effective than sitting on his own at home not quite knowing what to do but not wanting any parental input.  I feel a lot is being asked of him before he is ready for completely independent study.

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  1. gpm, I’ve been thinking about this post quite a bit since I read it. Our S3 haven’t been given study leave and since I teach two S3 classes I have invigilated a few of their exams and also had them in my class prior to an exam, supposedly studying.

    It is pretty obvious to me that many of them do not know how to study. I’ve been trying to provide some help, suggestions on how they might study a question – I’ve even put up on the whiteboard online quizzes on the subjects they were about to be examined on.

    I can well appreciate your frustration. I have ‘fond’ memories of oldest son’s study techniques.

    I do think that pupils need somewhere to work without distraction. Home seems like a good option – I suspect it is the only one actually considered. Pupils shouldn’t just be cast adrift and expected to know how to proceed. Independent learning is not something instinctive to all.

    My S5 go on study leave from this Thursday -their English exam is on Friday. I’m not sure that’s good either. My strategy with them is a class website where they can go for study links from home. How would that sort of thing work for gp1?

  2. Sounds like Womans Hour on Radio 4 is about to discuss study leave – Tuesday 8th May. Only in relation to GCSEs/AS/A Levels of course, but never mind! I’ll try & foreground listen while I’m working, rather than my more normal background listening when I clock the beginning & the end but miss the bit in the middle… Late night Shipping Forecast is the worst for this.

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