My 11 year old neighbour (female) went to work on my leg at the weekend; cast.jpgresults appended.  Very fetching, I’m sure you’ll agree.  My 12 year old offspring (male) is now too embarrassed to be seen in public with me.  Maybe that should be more embarrassed than normal.  The tall, skinny one, on the other hand, doesn’t have a leg to stand on given the lurid pink flowery board shorts he was wearing on his return from France. It remains to be seen whether he will be as happy wearing them on Gullane and Belhaven beaches as in the south of France.  He has had a great time; I think it’s probably best not hearing all the stories.   Apparently Mr Smith does great backflips, though.  Meanwhile, the marginally taller but definitely not as skinny one has finally gone to Libya – at 24 hours notice for a meeting expected to last half an hour.  Video conferencing? Carbon footprint?  It seems they want a body. 

I logged on yesterday having not looked at the  computer for a few days and was shocked to find that I had had over 80 hits on the blog in one day. Now, this may not seem a lot to most of you pros out there, but I generally potter along in the low teens, as befits my stature.  I have recently been thinking that I really should get to grips with tagging posts but, basking in the afterglow of all those visitors, that can wait until tomorrow.  This sudden interest seems quite bizarre!  So, welcome, whoever you are, and do please come to visit again!

4 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Could be because you were the eduBuzz blog of the week – global email went out to all staff with a direct link to your blog!

    Loving the leg! OB

  2. I’m newish to blogging as well. How does this tagging thing work? Well done on being Blog of the Week and the rise in hits. It’s lovely to have a good day stats-wise!

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