Standard Grade results are out and he’s done just fine!  What a relief!  I knew it wouldn’t in fact be the end of the world as we know it if he didn’t get the necessary grades – but respectable grades do make it so much more straighforward!  He got Credits in the 6 exams he sat at Credit level (mixture of 1s and 2s) and the highest marks he could in the other two, so we’re all happy. 

And even happier to know that he was one of the lucky 6000 who managed to get on line to get the results.   It did take a while and there was a minor password glitch, but he’d got them before lunchtime.  If they knew in May that 34,000 students had applied for internet access, how come the system crashed at 6,000?  They must surely have anticipated everyone trying to log on at once at 9 am (or 11 am for the real teenagers). In GP2s case, a reminder on the login page of the length/format of the password would have sorted that particular problem immediately.  Still, he got there and didn’t have to wait for the post tomorrow.

So, we move on to whatever comes next.  And the children have a couple more weeks holiday yet.